Choosing the right student accommodation in LondonTeen bedroom nicely arranged

When you embark on your journey toward academic excellence in a new country, things can get a bit stressful. Not only are you moving away from your parents and friends but you will be in an all-new surrounding. It is very important for you to feel connected and know that you have the support of your friends and family at this time. There is surely nothing that can give you the comfort you had at your own house, but there are some small tips that can surely help you build a homely atmosphere.

We encourage you to put in a little extra effort to decorate your student accommodation in London. Decorating your space with a personal touch will help you feel cosy and warm. Our team at Best Student Halls has put together a list of tips and tricks that you can refer to decorate your space. Decorating your space can get expensive, but if you follow the tips and tricks provided by our team, you can do a good job on a tiny budget.

Your student accommodation in the UK is going to be your private space. It is not only meant to be your home away from home but the only space you will turn to in your good times as well as your bad times. Choosing the right student accommodation in London is important, but you also need to make sure you develop a warm atmosphere in this space. You need to feel up and ready to face the challenges of every new day and have the ability to feel relaxed after a long day at uni.

1. Make Space for Greenery

When you have space for greenery in your student accommodation in London, it will offer comfort to your space. Having some small renter-friendly planters in your space will help you feel calm and also spread positivity through your space. It helps with the flow of oxygen and also will make your space feel alive and fresh throughout the year. Look for planters that do not need too much care and attention. As you will be spending most of your time at uni or outside your space, make sure that the maintenance is easy. Small planters add a tinge of classy to any space they are in.

2. Memories from Home

When you are living away from your family, you will tend to miss them at all times. The best way to deal with this is to have a few personal memories put up in convenient spaces. You can use some photographs, some letters and some memorable items from your home. This will help you feel connected and keep you happy. On days when you are having a tough time or dealing with a bit of stress, these memories will help you cheer up and get ready to face a new day at uni. It will help you through your term and also help you not feel lonely. This is the best way to make a brand-new space feel personal and cosy.

3. Up Your Poster Game

If you are someone who likes specific things like paintings, sports or artists, use posters and put them up on your wall. Do not overload your space with this, but if you do it in the right way, it will help your student accommodation in London look classy. It gives out an aura of what you like. This will help you put out a vibe of the personality you have in your space. When you have friends over at your place, it will tell a story about what you like and how you think. You can get posters at utility stores or also just order a poster online. You need not spend too much on this. Try to find something that is renter-friendly and something small, this way you can carry it with you whenever you plan to move.

4. Tidy and Neat

For any space to feel big and positive, it needs to be tidy. We understand that life at uni can at times get chaotic, but it is very important to keep your space neat. Make sure you make your bed every day once you’ve woken up and have everything in its designated place. If you find it difficult to do this every day, make a schedule for yourself. You can either do it once a week or do it on the weekends. Having this practice will keep your space neat throughout the year. You will spend crucial time at your student accommodation in London, when you are studying for your exams, you want to feel fresh and confident. Keeping your space tidy will help you focus on your studies.

5. Bedspread

Have a good bedspread. From your duvet to your bedsheets, make sure you have good quality products. Good quality does not equate to expensive. There are tons of utility stores in the UK where you can find reasonable bedding packs. The most important time you spend at your student accommodation in the UK will be when you are sleeping. You should not compromise during this as this is a crucial part of your day. The better you sleep the better you will function the next day. Try and use light-coloured bedsheets instead of dark colours, this will make your space feel light and airy.

We hope the above tips and tricks work well for you. We are sure that if you follow a few tips from above, you will have a good idea of how you can decorate your student accommodation in London and make it feel like home.