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Instagram growth hacks for business growth:

Instagram growth hacks

I don’t know if you have noticed that Instagram growth is prolonged, and it’s even worse when you hear all this advice that you need to do this and that to grow your followers. With time you start to think you should quit this and look for another method to grow your business.

I understand you are busy and have no time and energy to spend on another useless hack that will increase your headache. But I know you still want to grow your Instagram account, and you are looking for some tactics that will help you.
This blog will throw you all through the window, and I’m going to show you some proven Instagram growth hacks that are much easier to complete a few times. These tactics are for those posting regularly, and they’ll help you get more engaged followers, which can grow your business faster. So let’s start using these hacks today to beat the Instagram algorithm and be seen on more people’s screens

Audience data points:

The importance of data points is something that most people ignore, but it is one thing that Algorithm is tracking right now. Why? The Algorithm is designed to put your content in front of the people who would want to consume it, and to do that; you have to understand the kind of content you are creating.

So when you are active on the app, you leave a trace of what you like even with the hashtags you use, the type of people who engage with your posts by liking, commenting, sharing, or saving, and how many people click through your story.

Set the Algorithm up for success:

See your content with just a few simple tools and techniques, and I want you to implement each step and every day by installing the tools now as they will change the entire game of Instagram.

According to my consistency and implementation is everything, so these tips are all about boosting your interactions.


Most people post a photo and sit back to wait for the audience to see it and like it. That is not the way to get engagement. You have to start social media if you want people to like, comment, share, and save your post.

You have to be interacting with the people’s content to understand what they are looking for and what they like. For example, suppose you never text and call your best friend for a long time, and then it gets old even your friends will die due to lack of interaction.

So consistently interacting with people is essential, and when you do that, they will engage with your content back more likely.


Engage with your ideal clients; it does not mean you have to like and comment on their photos. It is all concerned about following back; You should follow their account back. It would help if you had deep and meaningful social interactions.


Talk to other creators in your niche or any other leaders and influencers working on similar things like you. It would help if you interacted with the people who are in the comment section of their posts. You should see who are their regular customers and what they are offering them. It will help you to grow your business.

Ways to keep people engage:

⮚ Include polls and quizzes
⮚ Tell people to stick around
⮚ Tell people to reply to your stories
⮚ Tell actual stories on the Instagram story section

Best Ladies Fragrances to fall in love with

best ladies perfume in Pakistan

Home is where the heart is,” they say. “Home is where it smells good!” is the motive of al musk. Or, at the very least, where it should smell pleasant when you want to appreciate the quiet and tranquility of your own house truly. As you may know, we are firm believers in the power of aroma to influence one’s mood. And being at home is more than a reality; it’s a sensation, a state of mind. Scents can thus help to create a sense of home and warmth. You could be burning scented candles or spraying an air freshener in your room. What’s our recommendation? Spray yourself with a lovely fragrance that has a warm, homey feel about it! This way, you can see being at home as a pleasant experience at the online perfume shop in karachi musk al mahal.

Our impression of Gucci Rush:

Gucci Rush is a highly appealing and identifiable fragrance that is impulsive and tempting, similar to love at first sight. The intense red bottle is designed to look like a video cassette tape, a highly unique and modern design. Californian gardenia, South African freesia, jasmine, and Turkish rose make up the fragrance, which smells like a luscious exotic flower cocktail. The oriental character and originality of this fragrance are enhanced with coriander, vanilla, and patchouli.
Gardenia and freesia are in the top notes of best ladies perfume in Pakistan; jasmine, Turkish rose, and coriander are in the heart; while vanilla, patchouli, and vetiver are in the dropdown. The scent lingers on the woman and surrounds her from all sides.

Our impression of Givenchy Amarige:

The scent of this ladies perfume is as powerful as a strong feeling, cheerful, juicy, and unforgettable as a happy marriage moment. It’s so lush and gorgeous that it looks like it’s made up of all of the world’s most beautiful flowers.

best ladies perfume in Pakistan

The Amarige woman is an authentic French woman in love, graceful, playful, and lovely. She exudes happiness and flashes a bright smile. Fresh fruit dominates the top notes, which include peach, plum, orange, and mandarin, as well as the sweetness of rosewood and neroli. Mimosa, neroli, tuberose, gardenia, and acacia make up the flowery scent, solid and delicious with a gourmand hint of black currant. Musk, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and Tonka bean make up the warm woody base.

Our impression of al musk al ward:

Rasasi Al Ward Al Musk is classified as an Oriental Floral fragrance to the nose based on the combination of notes. The flavors and aroma notes for Al Ward Al Musk begin with a breath of floral and green top notes, such as green and saffron. The floral and musk heart center notes of perfume in Pakistan mingle with the spicy. The deep animal wildlife and moss base notes leave a moss and sandalwood impression. If Al Ward Al Musk appeals to your senses or looks appropriate for a specific occasion, aromatize yourself and give it a try! Before buying Al Ward Al Musk, try a sample to see whether it works with your body chemistry and personality.

Our impression of black vanilla by Mancera:

Take a deep breath and inhale the delicious aroma of Mancera Black Vanilla. Top notes of black currant, white peach, and Calabrian bergamot surround center notes of Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine, and violet. The overwhelming aroma is created by a subtle and smooth Madagascar vanilla foundation that is equally suitable for day or night. Bring a sense of mystery and yearning to your day and evening with these best ladies perfumes in Pakistan. If you enjoy the sweetness of vanilla, the fruity aroma of coconut, and a hint of floral fragrances, this is the fragrance for you. Pierre Montale collaborated with his daughter to produce Mancera. His enthusiastic perfume knowledge has been blended with her artistic photography and visual art in this innovative, multi-generational method.

Final thought:

Our editors receive the newest perfumes from the world’s top fragrance houses. As well as the smallest independent businesses before they hit the shelves. Giving us a unique look — or sniff — at the season’s most anticipated arrivals. So if you think going past the fragrance counters in a department store is frightening, have a peek at ours. It can be challenging to reach the keyboard among the bottles, vials, and testers. So here we have displayed the best ladies perfume in Pakistan available at musk al mahal.

5 Best Attars For Women


The fragrance says a lot about personality that’s why you have to be careful in choosing the fragrance. And your fragrance is like your fashion choices. People make the remarkable image of any personality on the basis of fragrance. And on the fragrance base, people may like and dislike you. So here is the best guide to choosing the best fragrance for women on fragrance land.

Musk Al Mahal presents for their customers the best attars not only layers on multiple oils that you can use on your special occasions. Here are the 5 best attars that you can get at a special discount on muskalmahal.

5 Best Attars of Pakistan

Arab is famous for fragrances and now that it’s become the culture of the Arab, men, and women in Arab approach fragrance ritualistically. Some of them believe that fragrances attract angels and repel evil spirits. Therefore they prepared and made the best attars. Here are the top 5 best attars in Karachi with the best fragrance and a lot of other qualities.

Half Moon | Our Impression Of Cool Water W

If you want exotic, luxurious, attractive, and irresistible fragrance then that is the best choice. Half Moon By Al mushk Discover the sensuality of the sea. Half Moon is a floral scent with notes of paradise flower and juicy mangosteen. And that fragrance is suitable for your remarkable personality because this fragrance is for the bold and energetic personality.

Tabassum E Gul | Our Impression Of Tender Poison | Attar Oil

Tabassum e Gul By Al mushk is a feminine, floral scent and prominent and trusted of expertise in the production of authentic oud scents. That is perfect to wear for the whole day and a good thing that is not so expensive. Our experts made it with a different mixture of the fragrances like mandarin and galbanum, floral heart, orange blossom and freesia, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, and heliotrope.  This unique Tabassum e Gul can be used to calm your body and mind and could be used for positive vibes.

A Oudh Vanille | Premium Attars |

An oud Vanille by Al Mushk is a feminine fragrance. And men can also use this. Because the formulation is for both men and women. An oud Vanille by Al Mushk ‘s Top notes are Agarwood (Oud), Black Pepper, Saffron and Cardamom and the middle note is Floral Notes base notes are Madagascar Vanilla, Guaiac Wood and Sandalwood. And its fragrance will take you to another world. The awesome fragrance will make your day special and the prices are also not so high.

Wasila Tul Zahab | Premium Attars

Wasila Tul Zahab is a very alluring and attractive attar by Al Mushk for women and men. And that is the best representative of high-quality blended fragrances. As the top notes are apple, grapefruit, and mandarin orange, peach, pear, the middle notes are orchid, geranium rose, jasmine base notes are sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and musk. The fragrance is very strong, long-lasting. And that could be worn on special occasions like parties, anniversaries, social gatherings or festivals. That fragrance makes your personality more charming.

Sheening | Our Impression Of Gucci Guilty Absolute W

If you want to feel special, joy, feeling of energy and purity of mind and also happiness then this musk will give you a special feeling from inside because the top notes are Blackberry, Pink Pepper and Bergamot; the middle notes are Cypress, Bulgarian Rose, Woody Notes and Vetiver; the base notes are Indian Patchouli and Amber.


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If you want to buy perfumes and attires to groom your amazing and cool personality then that is the best website where you can get any perfume and attar at a discount rate. Here are some premium perfumes.

So why are you waiting here? Just click on this link Best perfumes in Karachi and go to the homepage to check the deals and premium perfumes.

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Where are we at with Corona Virus Drugs?

corona virus - covid-19

Thousands of researchers around the world are working to find new treatments for COVID-19, the disease caused by the corona virus. One of the most promising projects was organized by the University of California (San Francisco) and led to the identification of 50 existing and developed drugs for other diseases, which could offer new systems to block the virus and prevent it from replicating in the cells of the our organism. Compared to other epidemics that have emerged in the past and on a smaller scale, research is proceeding faster, between hopes and first failures in experiments.

There is no Cure

Today there is no cure against COVID-19. Most infected people develop mild symptoms, which pass after a few weeks of isolation at home by taking medications to reduce fever and pain. For others, hospitalization may be necessary due to more severe symptoms, especially in the respiratory system. Hospitalized patients are treated in normal wards or in intensive care , depending on their condition, but with treatments that can only reduce symptoms or promote breathing (using oxygen masks or incubation). The goal is to save time by preventing the patient from getting worse while his immune system reacts to the infection to get rid of the virus.

Medicines and Proteins

The search for effective drugs is therefore focusing on the identification of active ingredients that can block the corona virus, preventing it from attacking the cells and exploiting them to replicate and increase the infection. Hundreds of researchers coordinated by the Quantitative Biosciences Institute Corona virus Research Group (QBI) of the University of California, for example, are studying the drugs available on the market today, to identify the most promising candidates against COVID-19. The goal is to find active ingredients that act as a barrier between the corona virus and the proteins of our cells that are used by the virus to produce its copies.

The research at the QBI were initiated in early January, when they began to circulate the first information about corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) , following the first serious cases of atypical pneumonia in Wuhan, in China, where the current epidemic has started. The most important activity concerned the study of proteins present in our cells which are exploited by the corona virus to replicate it. A mapping of this type usually takes a couple of years to be carried out, but thanks to the collaboration of about twenty laboratories it was possible to obtain a first map in a matter of weeks.


The result was made possible by the knowledge accumulated in past years, through the study of other viruses. For example, the researchers had already done a map of the proteins exploited by HIV and by some viruses that cause Ebola and dengue.

Laboratory studies carried out in February have made it possible to discover over 400 proteins that, in one way or another, seem to be involved in the activity of corona virus on the respiratory system. They are used in various ways, for example to evade the defenses of the protective envelope of the cell (cell membrane), insert the genetic code (RNA) of the corona virus and then exploit the cell structures (organelles) to produce new copies of the virus, which are released by the cell. These copies then attack other respiratory cells to further replicate. The immune system reacts with an inflammation, which serves to kill the virus and destroy the cells that act as copiers, but the counterattack is not always effective and so there is a worsening of patients.

The map has highlighted several interactions between corona virus and cellular proteins that, at least so far, seem to have nothing to do with producing new copies of the virus. These interactions that have gone unnoticed so far could hide the key to understanding some characteristics of viral replication, offering the possibility of intervening to block it. For each protein on the map, researchers are analyzing the active ingredients of thousands of drugs that already exist, and are designed for other diseases, looking for solutions to prevent corona virus from taking advantage of them.

A first set of ten drugs was recently sent by the QBI to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Laboratory tests include, among other things, the analysis of the reaction of corona virus to active ingredients in non-human primate cells in vitro. Depending on the results, the researchers will then be able to test the drugs on guinea pigs infected with corona virus.

Only after these first tests will it be possible to proceed with the experimentation on human beings, with great attention for possible side effects. Active ingredients useful for reducing corona virus replication by intervening on some proteins, for example, could have unexpected effects on other activities of the body. New technologies and the commitment of numerous researchers are making it possible to shorten the time, but it will still take months before identifying an effective treatment for the most serious cases of COVID-19.


The work of the QBI concerns numerous drugs developed to treat some forms of cancer and not necessarily viral infections. Other researchers are instead devoting themselves to the anti-virals already available that is, the drugs that are used to slow down or stop the replication of viruses. Their active ingredients are quite specific, but it is hypothesized that with the right combination, results can also be obtained with COVID-19.

Among the anti-virals believed to be the most promising for now is remdesivir , a recently introduced drug, developed over the years of the epidemics caused by Ebola in West Africa between 2013 and 2016. His experimentation led to results that seemed to be encouraging, but a use on a larger scale revealed poor efficacy compared to other solutions. The drug had also been tested to treat some cases of MERS and SARS, respiratory syndromes caused by other corona viruses, with some positive results.

Remdesivir is currently undergoing at least five clinical trials. The goal is to understand not only if it is effective against the current corona virus, but also if it involves side effects tolerable by patients. In some cases, in fact, very powerful drugs could have the contraindication to do more harm than good, and finding the right balance is not easy.

First failure

From China, meanwhile, the first evaluations have arrived on another experiment with anti-virals that had been deemed promising, and the news is not good. In the scientific journal The New England Journal of Medicine, a group of researchers reported that they had found no benefit in seriously ill patients with COVID-19 after the administration of lopinavir and ritonavir, two anti-virals normally used against HIV and which appeared to be indicated. in the treatment of corona virus infections.

In the study, however, the researchers explain that their experience was partial and that their conclusions should not be considered definitive. The research was conducted on 199 adults aged between 49 and 68 years, all hospitalized in serious condition due to corona virus in a Wuhan hospital. For 14 days half was treated with normal therapies and half with the two anti-virals: at the end of the experiment, no differences were found between the two groups neither in terms of shortening the disease nor in reducing deaths.

In an editorial accompanying the study, doctors and researchers were praised for the accuracy of their work, carried out in very difficult conditions with hospitals full of patients to attend. The hope is that clinical trials such as this one will be repeated in other hospitals, to have more data and information on the possible efficacy of drugs and treatments.

Update on Artificial Insemination with A Donor

Artificial Insemination

Each year, more than 4,000 couples approach the 23 Study and Conservation Centers for Eggs and Human Sperm (CECOS), approved by the Ministry of Health, to conceive a child by sperm donation.

Artificial insemination – Instructions for Use

Who is affected by the IAD?

Heterosexual couples, of reproductive age, and carrying a parental project, can turn to artificial insemination with the donor in the case where the man is medically diagnosed sterile (95% of the situations), or to avoid transmission of a serious illness.

The woman, on the other hand, must be under the age of 40, but insemination can be scheduled up to 42 under certain conditions. The man and woman forming the couple must be alive, of childbearing age, and must consent to the transfer of embryos or insemination. A detailed medical and psychological diagnosis, carried out within a CECOS, will determine the possibility for the couple to have recourse to this medically assisted procreation procedure (PMA).

What is IAD?

What is IAD?

This involves depositing the sperm of a donor in the female genital tract, at the entrance to the cervix (intra-cervical), into the uterus (intra-uterine), or by in vitro fertilization with donor sperm (IVF or ICSI). This artificial insemination is practiced using frozen sperm flakes, which respect the conditions of anonymity of the donation and the rules of health security.

The Stages of Artificial Insemination with a Donor (Iad)

After a diagnosis before CECOS and the opening of the file, the waiting period, usually lasting 18 months to two and a half * years, can begin. The insemination will be carried out before or at the time of ovulation and may be repeated several times if necessary.

According to the statistical results of all the CECOS, after 12 cycles of insemination (6 intra-cervical inseminations and six intra-uterine); In other words, if a couple carries out inseminations for 12 months, it has a 70% chance, or 2 of 3, to have a child.

Otherwise, in vitro, fertilization will be recommended. In any case, do not hesitate to be accompanied! Specialized in infertility-related problems, the Maia association supports couples in male sterility and their medically assisted procreation journey.

sperm donation
Male sperm donor visiting clinic

Who can donate sperm?

With the agreement of their wife or partner, men under the age of 45 can make a sperm donation. Since 2016, you no longer have to be a father. The donation is anonymous and made after strict examinations. Note: not all sperm support the effects of freezing, and they are only used if they are fertile. For couples, the choice of the donor will depend on morphological and blood criteria.

5 Tips to Improve Mobile SEO

mobile seo optimization

Having a website is not enough to hope to be more visible on the internet. It is necessary to develop an SEO strategy to acquire a reputation. Mobile SEO is a perfect illustration when we know that more than 65% of Internet users use their smart phones to visit websites. Google has created a tool, the Mobil First Index to highlight the need for mobile for your SEO strategy. Discover below, five useful tips to improve SEO mobile SEO.

1. Opt for AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page

One of the essential tips to improve your mobile SEO is to optimize the loading speed of your mobile website pages. This is a trick that also incorporates the requirements of the US giant Google. To do this, the AMP tool will be handy, and you will have more digestible HTML pages for mobile devices.

Also, AMP will surely enhance the user experience by also optimizing the quality and reliability of navigation on a mobile medium. Mobile sites that follow these guidelines are better referenced, which can boost your audience and improve your revenue.

2. Improve SEO Mobile SEO

Because media differ, it is essential to optimize SEO mobile SEO. You can use the Google Search Console to compare PC and mobile queries to determine relevant mobile keywords. Nearly 82% of mobile requests are made urgently, hence the need to optimize mobile keywords.

mobile seo strategy

3. Opt for local SEO

The SEO content of your website must adapt to the habits of mobile users. They use their mobile devices more for different queries. As a result, mobile searches are contextualized or geo-located. This means that you must favor local services if you want to position yourself on a request concerning, for example, your business and attach photos. Google indicates that 80% of mobile searches are focused on “near me” or “close to”.

4. Improve the Design and Ergonomics of the Mobile Site

One of the tips for successful SEO mobile SEO is the ergonomics of your website. Design and ergonomics must be adapted to different mobile media. This is why it is essential to favor a responsive design site so that images and other frames can be automatically displayed on the mobile screen depending on the different resolutions. 

5. Quality and Relevant Content

If it is appropriate to work on the mobile version of your site to boost the number of visits, it should not forget to provide quality content. Content is always king, and there is no question of trivializing it. You must publish content with well-selected keywords that respond to multiple requests from users.

By applying these few tips, you will certainly optimize your presence and visibility on the web, but also to have a powerful Mobile-Friendly website that will bring a better positioning to your different pages.

10 Tips on How to Treat With the Adolescent Lie

parenting and kids
Teenage girl talking to friend

Even if it costs us, we have to recognize that our teenage children are no longer “so children.” They are being born again, waking up to their independence, gradually. Sometimes they don’t lie, but they don’t tell us the whole truth. For example, we learned through teachers, not children, who did something at school. 

They consider that some things do not need to be counted, such as minor errors and transgressions. Nor can we interpret the prosecutor: children hide these kinds of things so as not to be ashamed. But we don’t need to dramatize those feats; They are just mistakes. If they had told us before, they would undoubtedly feel better and, above all, they would have reinforced the much needed mutual trust in the family between parents and children.

Consequences of lying in Teenagers

Often, the truth puts us in trouble, while a significant lie takes them with extreme ease. This is what happens when a teenager tells his father that he/she will spend the night in the house of a friend whom his parents trust, when in fact he goes to sleep at the home of another friend, which is not to the liking of His parents.

The only way we can quantify the seriousness of a lie is the consequences it causes. Something common to all lies is that they seek their benefit, except for those “pious” lies that we use to supposedly avoid harm to others, such as when we do not tell the whole truth to a sick person.

Lying is used to evade responsibilities or to avoid punishment, but teenagers often use it to use their freedom in the way they want and not in the way parents define it.

The lie has a special appeal due to its ability to change reality. To catch their son and make him tell the truth, the parents of the digital age are taking help from the monitoring application for teenagers, such as Teen Safe. With the use of the application, parents should consider following the suggestions to treat the lies of teenagers.

bad parenting

You want to take a Look!

1. If your child plans something that seems too bold for his age, reflect with him on why he thinks this is not convenient. Let him know what your fears and reservations are. Don’t just say “no.”

2. Take care of the example you convey. If you tell your daughter, “Don’t tell dad,” wanting her to hide something from her husband, she will do it in a lie.

3. Work on self-esteem. The more they don’t feel safe with themselves, the more easily they will lay hold of the lies.

4. Emphasize the attractive value of truthfulness. Always telling the truth, having the floor, makes us reliable people.

5. Teach him that friendship is incompatible with lies.

mom with teen boy

6. Never label him or call him a liar. Show confidence and make sure that this is not your true way of being, but a passing incident.

7. Do not maximize your mistake. Consider each lie as a blunder and invite it to rectify. When he acknowledges that he has lied, he appreciates the fact that he has acknowledged.

8. Give him confidence. Let him realize that he gains more freedom since he can trust him.

9. Watch television with him to teach him to detect lies. The scripts of many series are constructed from a misunderstanding or a lack of truth that becomes more and more entangled until there is no other choice but, to tell the truth.

10. Punish him when he discovers a lie? If we punish him, his fear feeds. One has to talk about why he lied, what his fear is. Discovering a lie is an excellent time to start a dialogue. Don’t appeal to the drama, with phrases like “you failed me” or “I trusted you.” Let him see what would have happened if he had told the truth. 

Make him see that finding the lie was a good thing because it is an occasion to renew confidence.

Animoto Creates Videos Online Easily

Animoto video

Animoto is a free tool to create videos for your business without the need for technical skills. It is the easiest way to create online video using your own images, texts, or video clips.

The Animoto system can add your photos and videos and automatically create an animation with texts, creating a personalized video for your product or service. The free version is limited to videos of up to 30 seconds, but in many cases it is enough for your video.

They describe the process in just three steps:

1- Upload the photos or videos you want to use
2- Choose the theme or style you want to use
3- Share and enjoy the video

how to create videos on animoto

Really if it is very easy and on average you can create your video in just 10 minutes, including the style you want and the music you choose.

Pocophone X2: the POCO renewal comes with 120 Hz display, Snapdragon 730G and 4,500 mAh battery


In August 2018, Little was announced in style as the sub-brand of Xiaomi with even more competitive models than we had seen so far. With the success of its first release, this brand was promised as one of the most interesting developments of the following years.

However, after the launch of Pocophone F1 nothing was known about this brand. After months and months of silence at the end of 2019 we begin again to hear rumors about a new launch, the Pocophone X2 that has finally been presented to the market in India.

As they did with their first phone, Poco promises a terminal with the latest market news, good features but with a difficult price to compete. Failing to try it in person these are the features of Pocophone X2 again.

According to the data, the X2 will be a large terminal with a perforated screen on the front, FHD + LCD of 6.67 inches and whose flicker frequency is 120 Hz, a novelty that after reaching high-end mobiles in 2019 We will see this new year as it is installed in the other models.

In the back what stands out is the set of cameras, the X2 has won in this aspect with a difference to its predecessor and it is that during this time that the brand has not launched any terminal the rest of brands have made it fashionable to offer more than Three cameras on mobile phones. In this way, we find a Sony IMX686 64mpx main sensor, with an f / 1.9 aperture, an 8mpx f / 2.2 120 degree wide-angle camera, a 2mpx f / 2.4 depth sensor and a 2mpx macro camera f / 2.4.

On the front, in one of the upper corners are the two front chambers hidden behind a rectangular hole. The main camera is 20mpx while the second sensor allows a better depth reading of the stage to get better selfies with 2mpx.

As for the interior, it is managed by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, designed to meet the needs of most gamers and boost gaming mobiles and that is accompanied by different storage combinations to choose from depending on the price we want to pay. The battery stays at 4,500 mAh and a fast charge of 27W, so we can deduce that the terminal will have an autonomy of more than one day.

The operating system is MIUI 11 based on Android 10, the same one that the Pocophone F1 has already been updated and in the connectivity section it highlights that it has NFC technology, so that its users can pay from the mobile phone without having to resort to the credit cards.

The new POCO X2 will be released for sale on February 11 in India. And although for now it has not been specified if it will reach other markets, its prices are:

LITTLE X2 of 6 / 64GB: 15,999 rupees, 203 euros

LITTLE X2 of 6 / 128GB: 16,999 rupees, 216 euros

LITTLE X2 of 8 / 256GB: 19,999 rupees, 254 euros

8 Effects of the Excessive Use of Electronics in Youth

parental controls

A survey conducted in the United States with 500 young people shows the level of dependence on digital devices. Virtually all of them carry electronic devices with them during the day, and 38% of them do not spend more than 10 minutes without checking any of them. For 73% of them, studying without some technology is impossible today.

Some advocate, the increasingly early use of devices such as computers, tablets, smart-phones, video games and other electronic paraphernalia for children, highlighting the fact that they help in the development of reasoning, some motor skills, problem-solving skills, socialization for the shy ones, etc.

You cannot deny some of the positive effects that these technologies provide. On the other hand, we cannot ignore that its indiscriminate use has very serious consequences, exceeding in number and intensity the positive ones, most of them related to the dependency situation.

According to the Journal of American Psychiatry, dependence on the Internet, games, emails or chat conversations can be considered a mental disorder as these lead to adverse effects. See, now, in more detail, what are the harmful effects of electronic devices on young people:

1. Aggression, irritability & Agitation:

Generally, young people experience these symptoms when they are prevented from using their devices.

2. Isolation

They do not relate in real life and begin to value virtual relationships, many of which will never leave this area. They will lose great opportunities to communicate, exchange experiences and have physical contact with family and friends, necessary for their social development.

kids on social media

3. Elimination

It is common to see them flee from the stressful reality and compensate, in a fictional way, for these needs through the use, without limits, of electronic devices. Similarly, when they are elsewhere and have to perform a task that requires attention, they tend to lose focus easily.

4. Physical illnesses

In addition to psychological problems, young people are subject to related diseases:

  • When you gain weight, instead of moving or playing sports, you sit for hours or go to bed;
  • Low immunity, thanks to reduced sleep time;
  • Poor posture (which affects the spine, ligaments and tendons);
  • Bad vision
  • Strong emotions: tachycardia, gastritis Nervosa, among others.
parenting controls kids

5. Masking of Serious Diseases

Depression, communication difficulties and socialization are some diseases that can be masked by the excessive use of technologies.

6. Irresponsibility and loss of Self-Control

Irresponsibility towards their obligations, such as not delivering a job on time, for example, they may be irresponsible in their actions, such as “outbursts” and exaggerated exposure, which often occur in social networks. Young people become irresponsible precisely because they lose self-control. They cannot disconnect; they cannot “sustain themselves” in their outburst; they become consumerist since they suffer the constant barrage of offers; among other things.

7. Reduction of intellectual exercise and the ability to reflect

Simply enter a query on a search site and find instant answers. They no longer need to read a complete book and reflect on what they have read. You don’t have to calculate mentally, the calculators do. They are becoming less and less creative. This directly impacts your academic achievements.

8. Loss of compassion and sensitivity

The lack of socialization makes young people colder. They can be more easily involved in bullying (as aggressors), they cannot be more shocked by violence (they are used to the games, and they need to kill); they see the world as something violent in nature.


What can parents do?

To prevent children from suffering these negative effects, parents of this digital age are recommended to supervise and manage the use of their children’s screen and make it productive with the use of parental supervision applications, such as Family Time. These applications allow parents to not only monitor what their children do with their digital devices but also allow them to hinder their use according to their preferences. Therefore, get the good parental application and save your children from all dangers, since this is also part of their function, help them to a happy upbringing.