Skin Purifying Foam

Having sensitive skin is a constant struggle to find the best products for you that neither irritate your skin nor make you break the bank for them. Just like all other skin types, sensitive skin also has certain characteristics that one has to keep in mind when considering what products to use. 

If you are still confused about whether you have sensitive skin, here are some key points about sensitive skin.

  • You get red very easily

If you feel like your skin flushes up very easily, be it because of the weather, the kind of products you apply, or just after cleaning your face, it is very likely that you have sensitive skin. 

  • Most cosmetic products don’t suit you

If you have experienced a burning sensation or breakouts immediately after using cosmetic products, you are prone to sensitive skin. It is important that you only buy products that have ingredients that are sensitive-skin friendly. 

  • Scented products are always irritating

Most scented products have chemicals that your skin might not agree with, leaving your skin dry, patchy, and even painful. 

  • You break out at any small inconvenience

It could be because of a new moisturizer you tried, or because the weather changed, or you went on a trip to a new place. Breakouts are very common for sensitive skin.

These are some common signs of having a sensitive skin type, so if you relate to them, chances are you very likely have sensitive skin. If you are still unsure, get a consultation with a dermatologist, as it will help you immensely. 

Caring for Sensitive Skin

In order to care for it, you need to cleanse your skin thoroughly so that no dust particles and impurities remain and clog your pores. The more your pores get clogged, the worse the breakouts will be. In order to reduce irritation and inflammation, you need to choose the right kind of oil-control cleanser for your sensitive skin.

Before anything, you need to be able to choose the right face wash for yourself. Clean skin is like a clean palette for you to begin with. It also makes sure that you are not carrying yesterday’s damage on your skin with you to the next day.

You need to choose a good skin purifying foam from Jeannot Ceuticals that doesn’t dry you out, but helps in cleaning your skin. The way to clean your skin is to do a thorough control cleanse – do not go overboard with washing your face, but make sure you are cleaning your face after you have gone out. 

Choosing a face wash for sensitive skin 

A good skin purifying foam face wash should have all the things your skin needs. It should have gentler ingredients like glycerin and be free of sulfates and other harsh chemicals. 

A good derma clean face wash with soft ingredients like rose water, glycerin, etc will help keep your skin clean and smooth. They are gentle foam cleansers and don’t corrode your skin or have other harsh effects on it. 

Due to its dryness, sensitive skin sometimes produces oils on its own, which makes your skin prone to breakouts. Acne and pimples can become frequent. Avoid overwashing your face, as that will definitely lead to a rough skin texture.

If you wear makeup, you can try the double cleanse method. It will help control and cleanse your face in a manner that rids your skin of the makeup as well as remaining dirt.  

Choose a Derma Clean oily skin cleanser oil, followed by a skin purifying foam face wash

When we talk about chemicals to avoid, the list includes benzyl alcohols, sulfates, high concentrations of glycolic acids, and physical exfoliants. All of these are too abrasive and drying and corrupt your skin barrier, leaving it vulnerable and exposed. 

With the weather fluctuating, you should also ensure you are protecting your skin with a good moisturizer and sunscreen. Having a basic skincare routine will help you immensely. Make sure you are treating your skin well, both from outside and inside – have a healthy, nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, and use gentle products from great brands like Jeannot Ceuticals.