Construction projects can be complicated, and when it comes to your dream home or office, one of the last things you want is for it not to meet local and federal building codes. That’s where building inspectors come in – their services provide essential peace of mind during the build.

These government employees review blueprints and visit construction sites to make sure everything is built according to code, while also keeping an eye out for any violations to permit laws.Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Building inspectors who specialize in structural inspections look for flaws that could compromise occupants’ safety, often possessing engineering or architecture degrees.

Building inspectors provide critical checks on whether plans for structures comply with local laws, ordinances and specifications as well as verify that construction materials can withstand environmental stressors and engineering demands.

Specification inspectors ensure a building meets various building requirements, such as plumbing and electrical installation as well as compliance with swimming pool regulations. Furthermore, they conduct checks for asbestos, lead paint and radon gas as well as checking things such as asbestos. Typically equipped with specialist tools like damp testers and infrared cameras.

Electrical inspection specialists are one of the most specialized types of building inspectors, as their job involves making sure that all wiring conforms with government regulations and safety standards. This is an extremely crucial job, since any mistakes in this area could cause fires or cause other serious injuries in a building occupied by people living or working there.

Building inspectors need to communicate clearly both verbally and written as part of their job; explaining technical jargon to laypeople makes for better inspection results.

Building inspectors typically possess either a bachelor’s degree in engineering or architecture, though even those with only a high school diploma may qualify. By taking courses such as blueprint reading, construction technology, drafting and math they may become qualified inspectors. Some inspectors specialize in specific areas like steel reinforced concrete structures.
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These inspectors assess how fires might begin, the alarm systems in place and escape routes in an emergency situation. They also verify whether equipment such as sprinklers and hydrants have been installed properly and are functioning.


These inspectors typically examine plans, layouts and site plans for new construction; investigate violations of codes and ordinances and issue “stop work” orders when necessary;