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It provides weighing, PLU creation and labeling functionality all in one user-friendly package for supermarkets, specialty stores and deli’s alike.
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Also referred to as a price embedded scale because its embedded barcode contains information regarding price embedded items;
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d. Additionally, users can include company information, barcodes and safe handling instructions on their labels for further convenience.

CAS’ LP-1000N Label Printing Scale is an excellent solution for delis, convenience stores, bakeries and meat counters. Plus it has multicolored printing capability so as to promote branding or seasonal marketing – great for seasonal campaigns!
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Finding one with an integrated printer solves these complications quickly, making the entire process far simpler.

When weighing and printing products, it’s essential to take note of their environment. Substances like dust, liquids and vibrations may compromise the accuracy of your scale; in addition, frequent calibration should ensure its optimal functioning.

Price labels are an effective way of dispelling confusion for customers and providing more details about the product, such as nutritional or supply chain details.

Easy to read in dimly lit environments, tags are perfect for stores with numerous products. Furthermore, updating them quickly without much effort is possible: for example if changing prices requires sending it via an encrypted 2.4 GHz wireless network to each label.

An electronic solution is much more efficient and effective than printing and changing paper labels, not to mention saving money on labor costs. Furthermore, for large supermarkets it can represent significant cost savings since senior managers don’t need to physically walk through and change prices manually- wasting both time and money that could otherwise be invested elsewhere within their businesses.
They Help You Increase Product Sales

Price tags, whether physical stickers or digital signs, can help boost product sales by increasing brand recognition through unconventional means such as traditional media-based ads. According to Food Manufacture’s study on this matter, shoppers who notice clear and concise pricing information on a price tag are twice as likely to purchase that product than those who don’t see one at all.

Your price tags can contain one, two or three lines of information depending on what information is necessary to display. A single-line label usually displays prices and item numbers; two-line tags may additionally display batch numbers or expiration dates with preprinted text that customers can easily understand.

To print specific types of labels, define it using the Working with Price Tag Types (WPTG) menu option and specify its printer. CWSerenade comes equipped with nine distinct label types that you can view by going into Window Service – Printer Names and viewing the Price Tag Data Mapping table of each type.
They Help You Stay Organized

Price tags are labels which indicate the selling price of goods for sale, along with any necessary additional details such as manufacturer information or product descriptions. Price tags can be used both in-store and online shopping.

Digital price tags, also known as electronic shelf labels (ESLs), enable dynamic pricing without paper labels. Battery powered and draw power only when updates need to be scheduled or made instantly, these digital signs can be attached to almost any surface including walls, endcaps, shelves and racks in stores or warehouses for instantaneous updates.

Retailers can customize ESLs to display whatever information they choose, such as their company name or logo between two lines. ESLs can even feature phone numbers or emails addresses so customers can contact them with any inquiries they might have. ESLs are an easy and cost-effective way to promote new brands or promotions – plus installation is quick, durable, and maintenance is minimal!