San Jose remodeling company

Remodeling your home becomes easy and convenient if you plan your remodeling project with a trusted and experienced contractor in your location.

If you are looking for a trusted contractor in San Jose, then you should contact Goodman Home Remodeling or log in to to know more about us. Let us understand the warning signs that you should consider while hiring home remodeling contractors.

They Want a Large Payment Upfront

During the hiring process, you need to negotiate with your contractor about down payment prices.  The contractor can ensure they have enough cash for purchasing materials and obtaining permits through this down payment option.

The average down payment cost is somewhere between 25% and 30% of the total cost of your home remodeling project.

If your contractor asks you to pay more than this amount, then you should understand that they are unable to carry out the project due to shortage of funds.

Hence, you should think twice before signing a contract with them if you face such situations. 

Suspicious Low Rates

You might get carried away when a contractor offers a relatively cheaper rate. But remember, home remodeling project is a creative and hectic process. This might exceed your budget in the process. Hence, you should not fall prey to those contractors that offer you lower costs.

A reputed company hire skilled workers and offer quality materials with great services. Skilled labor and high-end materials might cost higher. So, you should not get attracted if a home remodeling contractor offers you suspiciously lower rates.

Theydo not have Positive Reviews and good Reputation:

When you hire a general contractor for your home remodeling project, you should first check online about their website. You can also check the reviews and ratings that genuine clients have written on their websites.

These reviews and ratings indicate the authenticity of your general contractor. If you notice positive reviews with excellent ratings then you can contact the contractor and discuss your requirements with them.

Similarly, the reputation of a contractor also indicates that they deliver quality work along with good customer service.

You need to research by going through their website and searching for customer reviews. You can also contact the customers to know more about their working process and the quality of service they provide.

If you find negative reviews, then you need consider this factor before signing a contract with them.

They should be experienced to carry out big projects:

Your contractor must have good experience in carrying out such big projects.

The more the experience the less will be the chance of error. So, you should talk clearly with your contractor at the initial stage and ask them about their experience.

Ask them about the number of such projects they have completed recently. Also, you can check their previous work and portfolios to have a clear idea about their authenticity.

Sometimes, contractors have higher degrees in this sector, but they lack experience. In such a case, you might face certain remodeling issues later in your home.

So, you can ask them about their credentials and try to know about their experience in this industry.

If they do not maintain transparency in Contract policy and Plan

Initially, you might feel comfortable with your contractor, but this might not be the case till the project ends. Sometimes, the companies have hidden policies, which might create issues for the homeowners later.

So, make sure that your contractor maintains transparency with the contract and the plan.

Check whether they have obtained all the necessary permits from the concerned authorities or not.

License and Insurance policy

After you choose the right contractor for your home remodeling project, you need to check their experience and go through the portfolios of their completed projects.

This will give you an idea about the quality of work your contractor is going to deliver.

You can check if your contractor is insured and licensed. Insurance will help you keep you safe if any damage occurs during the renovation work.


Your home should reflect your personality and speak volumes of your creativity. So, you need to remodel your home with the help of a trusted general contractor so that you can build your dream home without any hassles.