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Update on Artificial Insemination with A Donor

Artificial Insemination

Each year, more than 4,000 couples approach the 23 Study and Conservation Centers for Eggs and Human Sperm (CECOS), approved by the Ministry of Health, to conceive a child by sperm donation.

Artificial insemination – Instructions for Use

Who is affected by the IAD?

Heterosexual couples, of reproductive age, and carrying a parental project, can turn to artificial insemination with the donor in the case where the man is medically diagnosed sterile (95% of the situations), or to avoid transmission of a serious illness.

The woman, on the other hand, must be under the age of 40, but insemination can be scheduled up to 42 under certain conditions. The man and woman forming the couple must be alive, of childbearing age, and must consent to the transfer of embryos or insemination. A detailed medical and psychological diagnosis, carried out within a CECOS, will determine the possibility for the couple to have recourse to this medically assisted procreation procedure (PMA).

What is IAD?

What is IAD?

This involves depositing the sperm of a donor in the female genital tract, at the entrance to the cervix (intra-cervical), into the uterus (intra-uterine), or by in vitro fertilization with donor sperm (IVF or ICSI). This artificial insemination is practiced using frozen sperm flakes, which respect the conditions of anonymity of the donation and the rules of health security.

The Stages of Artificial Insemination with a Donor (Iad)

After a diagnosis before CECOS and the opening of the file, the waiting period, usually lasting 18 months to two and a half * years, can begin. The insemination will be carried out before or at the time of ovulation and may be repeated several times if necessary.

According to the statistical results of all the CECOS, after 12 cycles of insemination (6 intra-cervical inseminations and six intra-uterine); In other words, if a couple carries out inseminations for 12 months, it has a 70% chance, or 2 of 3, to have a child.

Otherwise, in vitro, fertilization will be recommended. In any case, do not hesitate to be accompanied! Specialized in infertility-related problems, the Maia association supports couples in male sterility and their medically assisted procreation journey.

sperm donation
Male sperm donor visiting clinic

Who can donate sperm?

With the agreement of their wife or partner, men under the age of 45 can make a sperm donation. Since 2016, you no longer have to be a father. The donation is anonymous and made after strict examinations. Note: not all sperm support the effects of freezing, and they are only used if they are fertile. For couples, the choice of the donor will depend on morphological and blood criteria.


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