Unveiling Backhoe Loaders Versatile Construction HeroesUnveiling Backhoe Loaders Versatile Construction Heroes

A backhoe loader is a popular construction equipment consisting of a tractor-like unit with a backhoe machine on the back and a loader-style shovel/bucket on the front. It’s a hybrid of loaders and excavators.

A Backhoe Loader machine may perform a wide range of jobs. The strong Backhoe loader can handle a wide range of landscaping tasks, including digging up trees and transferring them to new locations while keeping the root ball intact.

JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader

It is a very popular name in the heavy equipment of the construction industry. Some of the specifications are:

  • The operating weight of 7510 kg boosts production.
  • This machine comes with 110 liters of hydraulic oil.
  • It is powered by a 76 hp engine. Furthermore, its engine provides a new level of labor output.
  • This model can reach a full height of 780MM, allowing for maximum digging depth.
  • JCB 3DX also has a 1.1 cum bucket capacity.
  • Furthermore, the price of this JCB Backhoe loader price ranges from Rs. 35 Lakhs to Rs. 38 Lakh.

Manitou TLB 818

The Manitou TLB 818 is built with industry-leading specifications, which improves work efficiency. One of the top construction equipment for heavy loading operations is the Backhoe Loader model.

  • Its working weight is 7500 kg. The operational weight of Manitou TLB 818 improves its efficiency in challenging building projects.
  • This machine has a 90 Liters hydraulic system.
  • It has a maximum lift capacity of 3465 kg.
  • Its price range is between Rs 1.3-1.8 lakhs.

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