wall street journal print edition

You could be thirsty for news updates and one of the best print mediums to fall back on, is The Wall Street Journal. This is a six-day weekly publication bringing in exclusive updates on news unfolding in varied segments of life. Are you interested in information from the corporate world and financial markets? Readers whose interests lie in this segment should religiously follow The Wall Street Journal print edition. If you are investing money in the equity markets such news feed should be invaluable. You get updates on developments in the financial markets and also get views of market veterans. This should help you to make wise investment decisions. 

Is the WSJ a financial print medium? Considering its extensive coverage of news from the financial markets, you could have such thoughts. It primarily covers stock market news, but you look forward to news on geo-political affairs in Section One. So, it has everything for a news reader and the launch of the coupon offers seems to be the icing on the cake. Let us discuss the fine print. 

What precisely are these offers

The subscription coupon offers have been launched amid much fanfare in the US print media industry. These offers were launched by the new industry entrants with the motive to increase their market share. On achieving an enhanced readership base, the print medium could now hike the price for advertisement space. This way they can earn more revenue by selling advertisement space. So, as you study the modus operandi, you will find this is a situation, where everyone seems to benefit. A reader can benefit from the cash discount while the management earns more advertisement revenues. This is the reason why established print mediums such as the WSJ decided to launch these offers. 

The WSJ coupons to book

Speaking exclusively of the WSJ coupons, there is a variety that readers can book. You can book a coupon for The Wall Street Journal print edition and also its digital format. There are two ways you can access the WSJ news. There is the scope to pick up the physical copy from the stands. The other option is to access the website and read a soft copy edition. So, these are the two ways, you can access the WSJ news and there is the scope to book coupons under both these formats. The choice you make will depend on your convenience, but it is always better to subscribe to the digital edition. The discount is more lucrative and you get constant access to news from any location that has internet connectivity. 

Are these lifetime discount offers

No, the coupon offer is not a lifetime discount offer and there is an end date to it. That is the moment; you will have to renew the offer. However, the discount is here to stay. At the time of renewals, you may have to pay a different price, but it will be less than the market price quoted at the stands. You can always contact a reputed third-party affiliate to know the details. They will process the application on your behalf and provide the necessary customer support, as you read the WSJ news at a discounted price.