As temperatures drop, the risk of variable weather causing power outages increases. Facing a blackout on a freezing winter night can be discouraging, but a whole-house generator offers a reliable solution.

In a power outage, an automatic generator ensures that important services like lights, heating, refrigeration, medical devices, and security systems continue functioning. With options for liquid propane fuel, natural gas, or diesel fuel, choosing the right generator depends on outage frequency, location, and budget. Inviting a professional electrician to get Electrical Rewiring Services helps prevent electrical hazards and ensures the proper functioning of your electrical systems.


An environmentally friendly choice, propane burns cleanly, has a longer shelf life, and can be stored in tanks. However, propane generators require specialised maintenance.

Natural Gas:

Like propane in cleanliness and noise levels, natural gas comes directly from pipelines, eliminating the need for tank storage. However, its supply can be interrupted during disasters.


Known for safety, diesel is the least igneous option. Diesel generators have lower maintenance costs, and fuel is readily available at most gas stations.

The whole-house generators installed outside the home are seamlessly integrated into the electrical system, providing automatic backup for the entire residence. Unlike portable generators with limited power, a whole-house generator ensures your home functions smoothly during outages. A home standby generator is the optimal choice for a reliable and efficient solution to power disruptions.

Contact us at Ohmatic Electrical to explore the installation of a whole-house generator at your home. Our comprehensive services will guide you through the process, ensuring your home is prepared for the unpredictability of winter weather.

Read to know the Signs that Your Switchboard Needs Maintenance:

The electrical switchboard is vital for distributing power throughout your electrical system. Like any electrical equipment, it can experience wear and tear over time. Potentially compromising your home or office’s safe and efficient power distribution.

Flickering or Dimming Lights:

If lights frequently flicker or dim, it could signal loose connections or an overload in the electrical system.

Tripping Circuit Breakers:

Frequent tripping of circuit breakers may point to a faulty component or an imbalance in electrical loads within the system.


Burning Smell:

A burning smell could suggest issues with control wiring or overheating components within the switchboard.

Buzzing Sounds:

Unusual buzzing sounds may result from failing components or loose wires within the switchboard.

Excessive Heat:

Feeling or detecting excess heat emanating from the switchboard indicates potential component failure. Excessive heat poses a risk of electrical fires.

If you observe any of these signs, seeking prompt electrical maintenance is crucial to address potential issues and ensure the continued safe operation of your electrical system.

Maintenance and Upgrades for Electrical Switchboards:

It’s important to know that switchboards installed before 2000 may not comply with current standards. Additionally, switchboards naturally degrade over time, necessitating consideration for a potential switchboard upgrade.

A qualified electrician can perform a comprehensive assessment, including mechanical, electrical. And physical checks, and examine the electrical wiring for signs of overheated connections. Beyond the wiring inspection, the electrician may also scrutinise heat sinks, cooling fans, and exhaust fans to ensure the overall health and functionality of the switchboard. Regular servicing and potential upgrades are essential measures to maintain the reliability and safety of your electrical system.

What is the best time to hire Professional Electrician Services:

While professional electricians are vital for routine electrical system maintenance and safety inspections, their services extend to various situations. Here are some instances when you should consider inviting a professional electrician:

  • When planning renovations or remodelling projects that involve electrical work, a professional electrician should be consulted to ensure compliance with safety standards and proper installation.
  • Installing new appliances often requires electrical connections. A professional electrician can handle the wiring and installation to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • In case of electrical malfunctions, such as power outages, flickering lights, or faulty outlets, it’s advisable to call a professional electrician to diagnose and fix the issues promptly.
  • For new construction projects, whether residential or commercial, professional electricians play a crucial role in designing and implementing the electrical systems for the entire structure.
  • If your home or business needs safety upgrades, such as installing circuit breakers, surge protectors, or ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), a professional electrician can ensure proper installation and functionality.
  • When planning a new lighting design for your home or office, consulting an electrician can help create a well-lit, energy-efficient space.
  • Installing smart home automation systems often involves electrical work. A professional electrician can integrate smart devices seamlessly and ensure the safe operation of the automated features.
  • If you have questions about your electrical system, energy efficiency, or potential upgrades, seeking an electrical consultation from a professional can provide valuable insights and recommendations.