When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, there is no competition for coffee. The number of people who consume coffee is indeed in the billions. Arabica Coffee Wholesale can be bought online with ease. Arabica is one of the most sought-after coffee beans in the world.  All commercially used coffee is cultivated in a location close to the equator. The conditions in these areas are perfect for the growth of coffee plants. However, the correct latitude is not the only thing required for the growth of coffee. The climate, the soil also, and geographical conditions have to meet the requirements for coffee. As far as coffee is concerned, Brazil is one of the powerhouses of coffee production. 

Prowess Of Brazilian Coffee

Brazil is synonymous with coffee as the country has a near-perfect conditions for the cultivation of the same, such as the temperature, the elevation, and others. Some of the most popular coffee-producing regions in Brazil are Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Parana, and Espirito Santo. The most common types of Brazilian coffee are Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo, and Acaia. Mundo Nava is the most popular type of Brazilian Arabica coffee. The varietal Mundo Novo is the most popular varietal and there are other sub-varietals such as Yellow Bourbon and Red Bourbon. There are also different types of Mundo Novo. Catuai is entirely a 100% Brazilian product and you can find this coffee in any region of the country.

There is a varietal known as Icatu that is a hybrid. The Red Icatu is a mix of Robusta, Bourbon, and Mundo Novo. The varietal Yellow Icatu is a hybrid between Yellow Bourbon and Mundo Novo. Another varietal is the Early Icatu because the yellow seeds mature early and are more drought-sensitive. Catigua is one varietal that shows better adaptation to the soil and climate in the Minas Gerais location. There are other varietals such as Caturra in Serra do Caparao and Topazio which is a hybrid of Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai. There is also another varietal known as Paraiso that can withstand rust. The Arara variety enjoys popularity because of the popularity of its beans and can stand firm against many crop diseases. The variation is called so thanks to its yellow-coloured seeds. 

What Is Turkish Coffee?

The world-famous Turkish coffee also comes from Arabica seeds but that is not what makes it so popular. It is popular because the process involved in making this coffee is very unique. 

Firstly, the coffee beans are ground to a fine powder either using a pestle and mortar or a traditional Turkish coffee grinder. Following this, the beans get added to a pot made of copper also known as ‘cezve’ that will contain cold and filtered water. Sugar is also added if it is needed. It is usually added afterwards as it can cause problems at the bottom of the cup. After the steps have been carried out, the pot is put to medium heat where it gets cold and the liquid foams. Once the liquid starts to foam, it gets taken off the heat and is stirred. Then the pot is added back to heat. This step is carried out a few times until the liquid becomes thick in the usual Turkish coffee way. The brew will be left to cool for about a minute allowing the grounds to fall to the bottom. Arabica green beans for Turkish coffee can be found online easily. 

Types Of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee of all types is brewed in a pot known as a cezve and the process involved in the making of this coffee. It has been used to make coffee for centuries but there are some variations of Turkish coffee. They are:

  • Menegic Coffee: What is unique about this coffee is that it is not made of coffee beans at all but from the beans of the Pistacia terebinthus tree. This variation of Turkish coffee has no caffeine but the flavour is enjoyed by people because it is fruity. The traditional process is employed in making this coffee. 
  • Dibek Coffee: This coffee is also called ‘stone ground’ as a stone pestle is used to make this coffee. This pestle is in the mortar. This variant of Turkish coffee is a lighter one both in terms of colour as well as taste. In some cases, Dibek is also thicker and has a creamier taste, making it a good option who do not want their coffee to be less intense. 

Conclusion Arabica coffee wholesale can be found online with ease because this particular coffee is wildly popular throughout the world, so it is natural is the popularity of this coffee is this widespread. There are also several health benefits of consuming this coffee. Brazil has numerous states that are popular for coffee so you cannot go wrong with Arabica beans from that country.