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The 4 Benefits of Owning a Cat

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August 8th is World Cat Day, and having one can be a real asset.

Celebrating cats around the world: this is the goal of World Cat Day, celebrated every August 8 for fifteen years. For beyond videos, gifs and other unusual photos, cats are valuable companions for humans. Supporters of”cat bars” have argued for a long time: to rub a cat would have hidden health benefits.

Cats would first be far more environmentally friendly than their rival dogs. A study dated 2009 and taken over by the British magazine New Scientist proved that owning a dog polluted about as much as riding a 4×4. “Owning a dog is pretty extravagant, mainly because of the carbon footprint of the meat,” says a researcher at Stockholm’s environmental institute in York (UK). Conversely, the carbon footprint of a cat is equivalent to “slightly less than a Volkswagen Golf” according to the same study. Owning a cat would be beneficial for the planet, but also for health.

1 – Better Heart Health

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A risk of heart attack reduced by 30%: This is a major benefit of owning a cat according to a study from the University of Minnesota. Run for 10 years on more than 4,000 Americans, the experience relayed by Medical News Today has shown that individuals with a cat saw their risk of dying from heart disease reduced by one third. The professor at the origin of the study establishes a direct link between the two observations: owning a pet helps to relieve stress.

2 – Goodbye Anguish

Proponents of”ron-ron therapy” makes their number one argument: stroking cats would help relax and calm stress. In Japan, a company has decided to adopt nine cats to bring some comfort to its employees. 

In the United States, cats can also relieve veterans of the army suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Mother Nature Network tells the story of an ex-American soldier who, on his return from Iraq, adopted a dog and a cat. He explains that their “unconditional love” gives him a “responsibility” towards them

3 – Would Cats make Intelligent?

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According to a study conducted in Britain in 2010, cat owners would be”more educated” than dog owners. In 2014, another conducted in the state of Wisconsin in the United States simply proved that owning a cat was related to intelligence. “A person who prefers dogs will tend to be more alive, since they will want to go outside, to talk to people while a more introverted and sensitive person may stay at home to read a book. , and his cat does not need to go outside, “explained the professor  in charge of the study .

4 – Cats can Simply Save Your Life

In the UK, a cat detected the epileptic seizure of its owner who had stopped breathing. This is the behavior that did not surprise hospital staff and who told the young man’s family that animals sometimes notice impending epileptic episodes. In Lorraine, it is a fire of greater magnitude that was avoided thanks to the intervention of a cat. The cat woke his master who had fallen asleep after lighting a barbecue. The man narrowly avoided carbon monoxide poisoning.


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