Make your spine strong and flexible with note 4 yoga asanas, they are also very beneficial for other organsMake your spine strong and flexible with note 4 yoga asanas, they are also very beneficial for other organs

Each part of the body has its own importance, the spine plays an important role in keeping the human body standing. Women or men who work in the house all day long, their spine bends and in such a situation, they become weak later. For this, one should always practice yoga related to the spine for one hour. Stress is also reduced by doing yoga exercises that strengthen the spine because the nervous system and brain are connected to the spinal cord. Waist, back, spine and hands are most affected while working at home. Well, we can do many Alo yoga sale to make them strong. But in this episode, we will tell you about 4 yoga asanas to strengthen the spine, which makes the spine strong and flexible.


The spinal cord is strengthened by Bhujangasana, which is a stretch in the spine, arms and waist-:-

This yoga practice strengthens the spine. There is a strain on the spine, arms and waist. Hands and waist also get strength, it should be done for at least 10 minutes. To do this yogasana, lie on the mat on your stomach facing towards the sun. Place the hands on the mat and slowly lift the front part of the body like a snake. Maintain this position for some time. Then come back to that state. If you are doing yoga for the first time, then it is better that you do the asana under the supervision of an expert. Otherwise, it can cause many problems.


Paschimottanasana keeps the spine straight:-

By doing Paschimottanasana, the spine becomes strong. This posture is made up of two words – ‘Paschim’ means back and ‘Uttan’ means to stretch. During this asana, the back part of the body along with the spine gets stretched, due to which it is named Paschimottanasana. This keeps the spine straight. If children do this, their height increases. This asana is very beneficial for health. Helps to cure various types of diseases. To do this asana, sit on the ground with both legs spread straight. There should be no distance between both the legs and keep the leg straight. Keep the neck, head and spine straight, after that place both your palms on both the knees, now tilt the head and torso slowly forward and try to touch the toes with the hands without bending your knees, After this take a deep breath and release slowly then try to touch the head and forehead with both the knees.

The stretch created by Marjariasana makes the spine flexible:-

Marjariasana strengthens the spine. By doing this asana, there is a strain on the spine. This should be done 10 to 20 times at least. Stretching makes the spine flexible. The asana also helps to stretch and strengthen the spine. To do this asana, first sit in the posture of Vajrasana. After this, keep both hands on the floor forward. Lift your hips up by putting weight on both the hands. Straighten the thighs up and make a 90-degree angle at the knees of the feet. After this take a long breath and tilt your head back, push your navel up from the bottom and lift the tailbone. Now while exhaling, tilt the head down and try to touch the chin to your chest.

Setu Bandhasana improves muscle and blood circulation:-

This asana is very beneficial for strengthening the back. Repeat this asana 4 times. The spine, hip, chest, and neck are all stretched by this yoga practice. Strengthens the back, and hamstring muscles. Improves blood circulation. It calms the mind, and also opens the blockages. It also helps in reducing stress, to do this, first lie down on your back and bend the knees, keeping the feet on the ground at some distance from each other. Feet should be 10-12 inches away from your stomach. Keep it in a straight line with knees and ankles. Keep the arms by the side of the body and keep your hands down. Breathe in and raise the waist slowly. Gently bend the shoulders in this sequence, then touch the chest with the chin without bringing the chin down. Balance the weight of the body with the help of shoulders, arms and legs, try to bring your hips and body into this pose. Keep both the thighs parallel to each other and to the ground. Keep breathing comfortably in this sequence. Stay in this position for some time and when you come out of this position, then exhale.

Always do yoga under the guidance of experts:-

Yoga instructors say that many people have many types of diseases, some have respiratory diseases and some have other diseases including fractures in bones. If a patient does yoga, it is possible that he may face problems due to health issues. Therefore, the effort of people should be that they do yoga only under the guidance of a yoga expert. If there is any kind of problem in the body, then along with getting it treated, do yoga only after consulting an expert. Otherwise, instead of benefit, there may be loss.