Nothing changes the interior like new textiles or curtains! You don’t need to renovate or repaint the walls to refresh your space and create a cosy atmosphere. New decorative pillows on a sofa, armchair or chaise longue can become a favourite element and an effective complement to the decor. You can simply sew them, even from satin or velour, elegant materials that will emphasize the style and be pleasant to use.


Velor is a noble, beautiful type of velvet with a characteristic pile. Soft, enveloping, warm-to-the-touch material is perfect for interior decoration. Our velour upholstery fabric is an excellent base for furniture upholstery, curtains, bedspreads, headrests and comfortable, decorative pillows.

Velor looks

Exceptionally decorative thanks to the light gloss and the structure that plays wonderfully with the texture. Changing under the influence of touch, depending on the direction in which the pile is laid. The material is associated with luxury, and the fluffy, plush pillows are perfect for classic, glamorous and vintage interiors. There’s a reason it’s been a hot trend for several seasons now.

Our high-quality velour knitted fabric, slightly elastic, with a high grammage, will add style and elegance to any salon. In addition, velour is durable, tolerates washing well, and does not wipe or peel. You can reach for a pillow base in a fashionable bottle green, burgundy or emerald. For interiors in a feminine boudoir style, accessories in subtle powder pink or cream shades will be perfect. If you like expressive accents, choose an energetic red, cheerful mustard colour or fashionable, warm brick red. The latter can play great in loft spaces, enlivening the raw grey of concrete, referring to copper metal elements, constituting a contrast to matte black; tropical or geometric prints will be suitable for fans of patterns.

Cushions of different sizes and shapes

Made of the same base, it look impressive. Sew comfortable rollers, round pillows with a decorative button in the middle, square versions, small and large, in whose softness you will immerse yourself after a tiring day. The elegant finish of velour cushions will be trimmings on the edges or decorative tassels on the corners.

For pillows

You can also use thinner cotton velour with a predominance of natural fibres in the composition. The material is flexible in width, delicate to the touch, soft and skin-friendly, even for small children. You can use it to sew quilted decorative pillows for any room and a comfortable pillow for feeding babies.


For elegant pillowcases for the living room, we also recommend satin. It is a noble material with a satin weave, an elegantly shiny surface and a cool touch. The satin fabric phenomenally reflects the light, and its glow emphasizes the luxurious character of the interior. The advantage is the attractive price, and the effect that can be achieved with it is undoubtedly impressive. Satin does not electrify and is sensually smooth, wonderfully silky, thin, light, and durable.

You can reach for flowing satin with a synthetic composition or choose a product with a predominance of cotton fibres with a more matte appearance. Satin fabric will be perfect for elegant, luxurious, lavish glamour interiors, with gold frames, crystal chandeliers, glass and silver or gold in the lead role. The shiny material will beautifully blend in with the richness of sophisticated textures and patterns. You can bet on white, grey or a graphic combination of black and white. Feel free to use quilting, ruffles, frills, tassels on the corners, decorative trimmings, cords, applications made of crystals, sequins, etc. Satin pillowcases finished with lace, guipure or crochet inserts will suit a shabby chic living room.

Satin fabric

It can economically break the austerity of industrial and modern interiors in terms of forms and decorations. A pillow made of shiny, smooth satin in grey, black or copper will perfectly emphasize the relaxed elegance of the loft, bringing out its soul and unobvious charm. It is worth opening up to experiments and designing with a flourish, and the result will undoubtedly be spectacular. Pillows are easy to sew, and they can completely change the interior, add elegance to it, emphasize the cosy atmosphere, and introduce invigorating freshness and a fashionable look from home decor magazines. Satin fabric and velour knitwear are excellent bases for this type of textile. If you need to improve in sewing, use a simple patent for pillowcases with an overlap; if you feel up to it – sew in zippers. An attractive solution is tying with strings. You can experiment with ruffles, quilting, frills, and lace accessories or decorate ready-made pillows with pearls, sequins or crystals in a glamour style. Or complement the decor with curtains and a tablecloth made of the same fabric. Listen to your intuition, trust your vision, and create an atmospheric interior where you will feel great.