Pukhraj Stone or Neelam Stone: A detailed comparison for gemstone enthusiasts 

Pukhraj stones from Madagascar are known for their wide array of yellow hues, from delicate lemon to orangish-gold hues. This range makes Pukhraj an excellent choice for buyers searching for various color choices and considering Pukhraj ratna price

When buying Pukhraj stones, find a seller who provides comprehensive product details – such as origin, clarity, cut carat weight and more. So, that you can assess quality and value accurately, especially regarding pukhraj ratna.

Introduction of Powerful Gemstones

Pukhraj Stone or Neelam Stone, one of the nine powerful gemstones, is revered for its ability to protect against the negative influences of Planet Saturn and serve as an effective remedy against “Sadhe Sati dosh.” The quality of Neelam ratna can cause its price to vary.

Astrologists strongly advise wearing yellow sapphire for marital happiness and success, financial security and professional advancement. Furthermore, this precious yellow gem can bring financial rewards as well.

Before wearing Neelam gemstone, careful consideration must be given as incorrect use may harm its wearer. To safeguard yourself against this possibility, consult an experienced astrologer and ensure the gem you buy is of high quality. Additionally, Neelam must be cleansed regularly using brown soil or ground turmeric.

Physical Properties

Pukhraj stone is a yellow-colored gemstone belonging to the corundum mineral family that acts quickly to bring good fortune, new opportunities and promotions for its wearer.

Pukraj stones come in a range of quality and color nuances. When selecting one for astrological use, only those which feature clear, symmetrical lines with consistent colors should be considered effective navratnas. Furthermore, its impact depends heavily on its carat weight.

So always purchase genuine navratna stones like Pukhraj from an authentic jeweler with proper certifications to achieve optimal astrological results. Additionally, ensure that any Pukhraj you purchase has been treated to enhance its color and clarity before buying it.


Titanium gives this gemstone its blue hue, while vanadium contributes to its purple-to-violet tone. The best quality pukhraj or neelam stones – Blue sapphire stone can be found in Kashmir Valley, Ceylon and Burma.

Vedic astrology states that this fast-acting gem instills discipline and perseverance into one’s lifestyle, leading to advancements both personally and professionally. Furthermore, it cures joint ailments like gout or arthritis while protecting sensory organs.

Balance your crown chakra and open up Ajna Chakra for improved imagination & creative abilities of those wearing this stone. It includes creative professionals such as directors, cinematographers, arts practitioners, dancers and authors. In addition, this stone boosts memory power as well as the decision-making capabilities of its wearer.


If you find yourself struggling to make decisions and are finding it hard to reach clarity and decisiveness, try wearing a blue sapphire (if recommended by your horoscope) as this gemstone helps bring clarity & decisiveness while amplifying the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

Saturn rules this splendid gemstone, and its energy imparts discipline into our lives, helping us achieve success through hard work and persistence. Furthermore, it heals joint pain such as gout or arthritis as well as keeping sensory organs healthy.

This gemstone is particularly beneficial to individuals born under Libra & Virgo zodiac signs, with Saturn placed in either their second, seventh, ninth, or eleventh house. Consult a professional astrologer before wearing this highly reactive stone; wear it on Saturday morning or Shukla Paksha to optimize its effects.

Astrological Associations

Vedic astrology recommends Pukhraj for professional success, happy marriage, enhanced willpower and healthy progeny. Wearing it only after consulting a certified astrologer who analyzes your birth chart should it be worn.

Pukhraj (also referred to as Buddhai) is associated with Jupiter (Budhi), and when worn it enhances its benefits for your house. People with Jupiter in their ninth house tend to live an extravagant lifestyle and enjoy great wealth and respect in society due to their good luck.

Pukhraj stones come in various hues of yellow sapphire ranging from light yellow to an intense orangey-yellow hue.