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The 4 Benefits of Owning a Cat

beautiful cat pics

August 8th is World Cat Day, and having one can be a real asset.

Celebrating cats around the world: this is the goal of World Cat Day, celebrated every August 8 for fifteen years. For beyond videos, gifs and other unusual photos, cats are valuable companions for humans. Supporters of”cat bars” have argued for a long time: to rub a cat would have hidden health benefits.

Cats would first be far more environmentally friendly than their rival dogs. A study dated 2009 and taken over by the British magazine New Scientist proved that owning a dog polluted about as much as riding a 4×4. “Owning a dog is pretty extravagant, mainly because of the carbon footprint of the meat,” says a researcher at Stockholm’s environmental institute in York (UK). Conversely, the carbon footprint of a cat is equivalent to “slightly less than a Volkswagen Golf” according to the same study. Owning a cat would be beneficial for the planet, but also for health.

1 – Better Heart Health

benefit of owning a cat

A risk of heart attack reduced by 30%: This is a major benefit of owning a cat according to a study from the University of Minnesota. Run for 10 years on more than 4,000 Americans, the experience relayed by Medical News Today has shown that individuals with a cat saw their risk of dying from heart disease reduced by one third. The professor at the origin of the study establishes a direct link between the two observations: owning a pet helps to relieve stress.

2 – Goodbye Anguish

Proponents of”ron-ron therapy” makes their number one argument: stroking cats would help relax and calm stress. In Japan, a company has decided to adopt nine cats to bring some comfort to its employees. 

In the United States, cats can also relieve veterans of the army suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Mother Nature Network tells the story of an ex-American soldier who, on his return from Iraq, adopted a dog and a cat. He explains that their “unconditional love” gives him a “responsibility” towards them

3 – Would Cats make Intelligent?

Intelligent cat

According to a study conducted in Britain in 2010, cat owners would be”more educated” than dog owners. In 2014, another conducted in the state of Wisconsin in the United States simply proved that owning a cat was related to intelligence. “A person who prefers dogs will tend to be more alive, since they will want to go outside, to talk to people while a more introverted and sensitive person may stay at home to read a book. , and his cat does not need to go outside, “explained the professor  in charge of the study .

4 – Cats can Simply Save Your Life

In the UK, a cat detected the epileptic seizure of its owner who had stopped breathing. This is the behavior that did not surprise hospital staff and who told the young man’s family that animals sometimes notice impending epileptic episodes. In Lorraine, it is a fire of greater magnitude that was avoided thanks to the intervention of a cat. The cat woke his master who had fallen asleep after lighting a barbecue. The man narrowly avoided carbon monoxide poisoning.

Comparative of the 3 Most Used CMS in 2020: WordPress, Joomla And Drupal

wordpress joomla drupal

It has become accessible today to install a website yourself through a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS is a convenient platform for creating a website without having to write a single line of code. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most popular CMS in 2019. All three are incredible platforms with many advantages, but also some disadvantages. Here is our comparison CMS in 2019.

WordPress, 27.7% of Sites on the Web


Regarded as the bestseller CMS 2019, WordPress stands out for its many benefits. It is very popular with beginners and is convenient for blogs, small and medium sites.

  • It is easy to install, less than five minutes is enough;
  • It is easy to use and personalize thanks to its dashboard. The latter makes all the features of this CMS accessible. Plus, it can be customized by choosing your theme. There are thousands of free WordPress themes and adding features is possible thanks to plugins;
  • Free for everyone. The installation, use and customization of WordPress are free. Some extensions are however paid;
  • An excellent support community WordPress being famous, it has a large community that helps beginners with tutorials.

Several points are to be deplored on WordPress as the need for a better server in case the site becomes essential. Its architecture is a little challenging to change, and it takes knowledge of coding to modify it in depth. Several websites use WordPress, including Forbes, Sony, and CNN…

Joomla, 3.3% of Sites Online


Joomla is presented as a compromise between WordPress and Drupal. As an advantage, we can:

  • Create social networks easily and quickly
  • Create commercial sites like online shops. Joomla offers more media and more ease to create online shops;
  • Less technical compared to Drupal;
  • Free to install and use. Like Drupal and WordPress, Joomla is an open-source platform;
  • Joomla offers a very dynamic support portal for asking questions and getting help.
  • Although not the most popular, Joomla is also popular with users for its power and ease of use. It combines the benefits of Drupal and WordPress and adds its features.

Joomla is presented as a compromise between WordPress and Drupal. As an advantage, we can:

  • Create social networks easily and quickly
  • Create commercial sites like online shops. Joomla offers more media and more ease to create online shops;
  • Less technical compared to Drupal;
  • Free to install and use. Like Drupal and WordPress, Joomla is an open-source platform;
  • Joomla offers a very dynamic support portal for asking questions and getting help.

Although not the most popular, Joomla is also popular with users for its power and ease of use. It combines the benefits of Drupal and WordPress and adds its features.

Drupal, 2.2% of Sites Worldwide


Drupal is ranked among the best CMS in terms of popularity. The difference between WordPress and Drupal lies in the power of the latter. It is convenient for any website.

  • It is technically advanced and requires fewer resources than WordPress;
  • Its performance being high, its pages load faster and their response time is better;
  • Easily customizable with different modules, themes and other configuration options. That’s why Drupal is touted as the most flexible CMS;
  • Drupal is free; it can be used in open source.

As for the disadvantages, you need to have some knowledge of HTML and other languages to use Drupal better. Also, its high power requires overcoming some difficulties.

5 Cooking Rules for a Successful Barbecue

charcoal barbecue

The beautiful days are here, and with them, the barbecue season has arrived. Meat, fish, vegetables, you can make many grilled recipes. But how can you cook successfully? Here are our best tips!

In summer, barbecue is king! The long summer evenings are conducive to the conviviality of shared grills. What could be easier? Do you tell me, however, there are a few rules to follow for your cooking to be ideal? We give you our best advice for a 100% successful barbecue! 

Clean and Oiled Plates

First of all, your barbecue grill must be clean, of course, for hygienic reasons, but also to prevent a residue of fat from your last grilling from burning during the start-up of it. Also, remember to oil your plate with a paper towel or a brush before placing your food. This will make it easier to return. Otherwise, you can also marinate them the day before, for even more flavors! 

Prepare Your Utensils Well

Remember to equip yourself well before placing your food on the grill. Once cooking has started, the barbecue will require your full attention and vigilance, so you cannot leave it unattended for very long. Pliers, pot holders, spatulas, make sure you have everything close at hand. In addition to bringing you a good organization, this will prevent you from getting burned in a rush or from missing your cooking. 

Start the Fire in Advance 

In the case of a traditional charcoal barbecue, it is essential to light the fire 45 minutes to 1 hour in advance. Why? Simply because it is time it takes to get enough glowing embers. It is indeed the embers who cook the food and especially not the flames which are content to burn them on the surface. 

Don’t Prick the Meat

So that it does not lose its juice and does not dry out, do not prick your meat (including sausages!) before putting it on the fire. And to keep it as tender as possible, try not to turn it too much (ideally only once, using pliers). For the greediest, opt for meat that has been marinated for long hours, it will be all the more creamy and tasty once cooked!

Barbecue meat

Adapt the Cooking to the Type of Food 

Regarding the cooking itself, it is essential to take into account the specifics of each type of product. In the heat, a rib of beef does not react in the same way as a sea bream. In all cases, the grill must be at least 10 cm from the hearth to avoid excessive charring. 

The red meat, such as beef, assumes healthy cooking and quick to fill the rare meat lovers. In these cases, provide enough embers, and a grid placed low enough.

For white meats such as chicken, turkey or rabbit, the cooking should be more diffuse to obtain meats cooked evenly on the surface as close to the bones. The fish – except perhaps tuna we eat pink – also prefer a grid placed relatively far from the embers of the home.

Bottom of Form

As for vegetables, because of their fragility, it is preferable to take care of them. It is also because they hold less heat than it is advisable not to mix vegetables and meat on the same skewer, but to cook them on separate peaks. On the other hand, certain foods that take a very long time to cook, such as potatoes or corn, benefit from being precooked in the water a few minutes before going on the grill.

Turn Your Knowledge into a Business


When you decide to turn your experience or knowledge into a business, you have to think about it in a very different way.

I remember when I read “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber, one of my favorite books and that I constantly recommend to entrepreneurs . His point, which made him famous, is that one has to work in his business, not just for his business. You have to make your business systems independent of the one you run, not dependent on a single person. That is, you have to create the systems so that the business eventually flows with systems and does not depend solely on individuals with particular knowledge of the business. His systems approach is the basis of my marketing philosophy and reveals many critical factors to ensure that the entrepreneur focuses on his business, not his work.

It is an idea that sounds really good. One immediately understands how successful and true the perspective that presents us is. But, like all good advice, when you start implementing it…

Days, months or years go by and one realizes that in reality, despite knowing that one has to do it, he has not been doing the right thing. The simple idea of ​​”creating systems” is not so simple. Michael Gerber opened my eyes to the value of systems. A simple idea, but it only offers the first step of many that must be taken to achieve it. Knowing it is the first step, but to master it and make it work for you, you need to get to the simple and turn the most complex of your business into simple steps. The same is for your marketing.

Working backwards of what you want, you have to identify a small number of projects. A project is an area for development. It is an instance in which something that did not exist is created.

business ideas

To turn your experience into a thriving business then you must turn that project into a process. Something repeatable and whose steps are documented.

Once you have a process, you are ready to turn your own work into a business as such.

Some of these processes can be automated using software. Others may delegate them. And some will inevitably be saved as the critical steps you want to control directly – until you achieve new projects and processes that release more functions and give you even more space, vision and ease to work IN your business instead of FOR your business.

Turning your knowledge into a business requires thinking beyond work itself and focusing on the business as an independent being.

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