Moroccan Spice Burgers

These Moroccan spice burgers are vegan, gluten-free and simple to prepare! Their surprising flavourful bite holds together well when served on a freshly-baked bun with herbed tahini sauce, romaine lettuce shreds and lemon-soaked mint leaves for garnish. Look out for the best halal burgers in glenroy.

Mix together lamb mince, onion, cilantro, parsley, salt and pepper, paprika, cumin and make four patties using this combination. Make an indentation in each center to prevent puffing.


Ras el hanout is an ancient North African seasoning blend made up of warming spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg alongside stimulating ginger, pepper and chilli. While you can purchase it from many grocery stores, making your own blend at home can easily be done as well.

Kefta burgers are straightforward to prepare; simply combine ground lamb with your desired spice blend, shape into patties, and cook. Lean ground beef may even work just as well if that’s your preference!

Toast the buns before serving to add an extra crunch and extra flavor. Arrange one patty per bun on each, topped with shredded lettuce and red onion, then generously drizzle harissa-flavored yoghurt sauce over all. Finally, garnish each bun with lemon-soaked mint leaves as garnish!


This Moroccan-inspired burger recipe combines traditional ingredients with spiced, garlicky flavours and creamy sauce for an easy yet delectable dish.

While your burgers rest, saute mushrooms with half an onion and several cloves of garlic in some oil. Mushrooms contain a lot of water content that needs to be reduced before being added to the burgers; this will prevent sogginess during grilling or frying. When ready, serve on toasted buns topped with herbed smashed avocado for maximum enjoyment!


Take the necessary ingredients and pulse them together with a food processor until everything is evenly mixed. If the mixture becomes too sticky to handle, store it in the fridge for several minutes until it firms up before using quick pulses to prevent pasty textures.

Form the mixture into four 1/2-inch thick patties, creating small depressions (about the size of a fingerprint) in each to prevent puffing up while cooking. Brush each one with peanut oil before placing on your grill or grill pan for 4 minutes per side to get beautiful grill marks and ensure complete cooking through.

Assemble your toppings: spread harissa mayonnaise on each roll and layer on your beef patty with fillings of choice – serving alongside salad or sweet potato fries will complete this delicious experience! Each burger with salad and harissa mayonnaise contains 431 Calories; ideal for two people per burger YUM-next level deliciousness!


Add Moroccan spices to ordinary hamburgers to elevate them from bland to unforgettable. For extra flavor, try topping your burgers off with American staples like lettuce, tomato and onions before serving on soft rolls topped off with Harissa mayonnaise for maximum effect.

When making these burgers, it is crucial not to over-handle or pack down the meat too tightly, as this will prevent juicy results on the grill while they may fall apart while picking them up. To prevent this from happening, create a small “fingerprint-sized indentation in each patty before grilling.

While other burgers might rely on tomato-based ketchup or mustard as a topping, these delicious ones feature an easy homemade cilantro tahini sauce instead. With no additional seasoning needed and caramelized onions for an extra special touch – you are sure to make these an instant family favourite! Enjoy!

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