Homeschooling programs onlineHomeschooling programs online

Most Calvert families will tell you that they didn’t suddenly decide to homeschool one day after waking up and saying, “I think I’ll pull my kids out of school today and start homeschooling.” Bringing the child home to learn is not always an easy option, and the decision to homeschool typically stems from a bad experience in another educational setting.

If the educational setting your child is in isn’t working, there’s still time to change. Uncertain if homeschooling is the best option for your child?  The following are some advantages of home education for your child:

One-on-One Attention

Just think of how much better your child will do with specialized attention if they aren’t feeling well in a class with more than 28 other kids! When learning one-on-one, many of our Calvert parents say their pupils are “blossoming.”

Ignore Bullying!

It has been reported in the news.  You may have even witnessed it at your child’s school. Through support groups, co-ops, and other community events, homeschooled students will have plenty of opportunities to interact socially with their classmates, but they won’t experience some of the severe bullying that takes place in schools. In your house, your kids CAN learn in a supportive setting!

Family Togetherness

You’ll adore this one if you’ve ever asked your child, “What happened at school today?” and they’ve consistently said, “Nothing.” Many Calvert parents tell us how much they enjoyed the time spent together as a family when they brought their kids home to start school. Our parents are undertaking chemistry experiments in the kitchen with their children, teaching them multiplication tables as jumping jacks are performed, and they are having conversations about notable historical personalities.  Learning helps our parents strengthen their relationship with their kids!

Family Principles 

Do you worry that your child may be exposed to adult and delicate subjects in school? Do you feel pressured by your friends to play violent video games? or pleading with everyone because “everyone else has them” for those $120 name-brand shoes? You may uphold your own family’s values and make sure your child isn’t exposed to subjects that go against your beliefs when you teach them at home.


Having a homeschool allows your family to travel and set your own hours. Even more, your kids are free to devote attention to unique passions such as acting, music, sports, and more.

Which Kind of Course Is Best for You?

There are a wide variety of Christian homeschooling options available. The most prevalent kinds are these.


An online program often consists of engaging video lectures, interactive homework, and assessments to gauge your child’s progress over the course of the week. Your child gains independence from working online and learns the value of perseverance and hard work.

For kids who learn more slowly, online programs can be quite beneficial since they let them go back and review the material that they need a little more time to understand. Additionally, these applications monitor your child’s development, and a lot of them automatically make record-keeping simple for you.


Your youngster learns from books in a curriculum that is based on literature. For kids who would rather work with physical materials than an online program, this is fantastic. You can choose a Christian program that is most suitable for your family from among the numerous available that incorporate books. These programs are typically available for purchase by grade or subject, according to your requirements and preferences.


You can also enroll in programs that are group-based! This enables your child to make some friends along the way and gives you the opportunity to connect with other homeschool families a couple of times a week. Group-based learning can be used in conjunction with other initiatives to provide your child with a comprehensive education.


Homeschooling programs online offer several compelling advantages for children and families alike. These benefits include personalized one-on-one attention, protection from bullying, increased family togetherness, the ability to instill and uphold family values, and the flexibility to tailor education to a child’s unique interests. While homeschooling may be driven by dissatisfaction with traditional educational settings, it can create a supportive and enriching environment for children to thrive academically and socially.