If you are not a regular user of Instagram, then you might not be aware of the terminologies that are used on Instagram because you do not use it regularly.

Well, one such short form is CFS, which many users of Instagram are often unable to understand, but you do not need to worry as in this blog we will be telling you what CFS means on Instagram so that you get familiar with the term.

Meaning of CFS on Instagram

This acronym usually has two meanings: close friend setting, or close friend story. The close feature was introduced in 2021 which provided users with more control over their privacy.

Before this feature, the users had to manually deselect the people with whom they did not wish to share their specific story, which was time-consuming and a bit difficult too.

But with the feature of close friends coming up on Instagram, users are now able to select a group of people whom they consider to be their close friends and with whom they can share their personal stories.

It allows the users to maintain privacy, and by using this feature, they are now able to communicate with the people with whom they are comfortable.

Working on the Close Friends List for Users on Instagram

If you do not have a close friend list already, do not worry; here is how you could make one for your account for your selected followers.

First, you need to get started by clicking on your profile icon, after which you will see a menu option on which you have to click.

In the list that will appear in front of you, you will be able to see several options from which you have to select the option of close friends.

When you select this, you are required to type the name of the person whom you wish to add to the list. After you have completed the list and are done adding all your close friends, you can hit the tick done button.

Now, your close friends’ list is all set to go, and you can add other people later on as well by editing the list.

When your list is prepared, you can add up a story, and before sharing, you can click on the close friends’ button, and the story will be shown to only those who are added to the close friends’ list.

You can also tell if you have been added to the close friends list of your friends or not. When you see a story that has a green-colored ring outside it, it means that the person has added you as his or her close friend.

Bottom Line

We hope that the details that we have provided for you in this blog about CFS meaning IG have been of help to you in learning about its workings and its full form.