Welcome to Kiasu Rubber Stamp, Singapore’s premier supplier of custom rubber stamps. Our rubber stamps provide a simple yet powerful approach to leaving your mark in a society where originality and effectiveness are valued. We have the ideal stamping option for you, whether you’re a business owner looking to brand your items, a creative person wanting to add a personal touch to your efforts, or an organization enthusiast hoping for a better organization. 

We combine innovative design with fine craftsmanship at to provide adaptable stamps that improve routine chores. Discover how we can help you leave a lasting impression by exploring our universe of symbols. So, just go with us and get all the information about which type of Rubber stamp you require. 

Benefits of Custom Rubber Stamps: 

There are many uses for custom rubber stamps, and the following are some benefits of Kiasu Rubber stamp:

  • Efficiency: Use simple-to-use stamps for repetitive chores to save time and effort.
  • Branding: Use personalized logo stamps to advertise your company or personal brand.
  • Creativity: Give invitations, cards, and crafts a unique and personal touch.
  • Organization: Use a uniform, clear labeling to streamline paperwork and recordkeeping.
  • Professionalism: Make your documentation and packaging look more polished.
  • Long-Lasting Glue Ability: Kiasu Rubber Stamps have durable glue ability and can stick easily and stay for a long time.  

Our Products and Services

At, we provide a wide variety of rubber stamps and associated services, such as:

Custom rubber stamps: Add text, logos, or artwork to make your stamps unique so you can promote your brand with us.

Pre-Inked Stamps: Premium, long-lasting stamps with integrated ink pads for ease.

Self-Inking Stamps: Self-inking stamps are dependable and clean for frequent usage.

Date Stamps: Date stamps make remembering crucial dates and deadlines simple.

Ink Pads and Accessories: Find a selection of ink colors and accessories for your stamps with ink pads and other items.

Why Select a Kiasu Rubber Stamp?

By selecting Kiasu Rubber Stamp, you are choosing:

At Kiasu, Rubber Stamp is evident in every facet of our service. We promise to provide you with the best quality with our stamps, making sure they are created to produce crisp and clear impressions consistently. Since we know your needs are unique, we provide various customization possibilities.You can design stamps that exactly suit your preferences and needs. Despite our commitment to excellence, we equally value affordability and offer our products at fair pricing to make them available to everyone. 

Our customer support team is always available and committed to helping you select the ideal stamp for your unique requirements. And when you need a speedy turnaround with swift manufacturing and delivery to meet your deadlines, you can rely on us. We put a premium on your pleasure and are here to ensure you have the best stamping experience possible.

Ordering And Shipping: 

Purchasing customized rubber stamps from Kiasu Rubber Stamp is a simple procedure. if you are new to us, then it can also be simple to order the product. All you have to do is go to our website, choose the stamp type and personalization options you want, upload your design, and then place your order. Ensure you inform us of all the requirements you wish to include in your stamp. The rest is on us. Enjoy timely and dependable delivery right to your door.

Get in Touch

Have queries or require help with your order? Our helpful customer service staff is available to assist you. We are pleased to help you if you contact us via phone, email, or our website. You can easily order your product or visit the official website.