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From small scratches to changes in colour, there might be several issues that you might face when buying wooden commercial tables and using them in your restaurant. To ensure that your guests won’t have any trouble, it is good to work on them as early as possible.

As a restaurant owner, you must be aware of some common fixation methods to repair damaged tables without asking for professional support. This guide will provide you with the necessary information to enhance your knowledge and make sure that you can do things on your own the very next time.

What Do You Need for the Repair Work?

i) Tenon saw

ii) Chisel

iii) Hammer

iv) Jigsaw

v) Spring clip

vi) Brush

vii) Polish

viii) Screwdriver

ix) Sandpaper

Although you might be aware of a few items, the fixation process lets you know how to use them. Let’s begin with it-

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Finding the Level of Damage and Fixing Them

Not all problems are too big. Suppose there is a minor scratch on the surface, using sandpaper can be okay. You may observe the ideal appearance but a polishing would be required. In certain cases, parts of furniture items get damaged and there is a need for replacement. Here it is crucial to find a similar part for replacement or prepare it on your own using the tools.

You will need the jigsaw to cut wood and chisel with a hammer to give it the desired shape. Make sure that you achieve a similar look and replace it with the damaged one. Thereby, you need to polish the entire furniture to give it a completely new look.

It has been observed that some businesses find difficulties in performing such tasks on their own. It is not at all a point of concern because there is a possibility of hiring a team of experts to work on this project. By allowing professionals to work on your behalf, you can repair every damaged chair and table to ensure that there will be no trouble again.

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When Should You Replace the Commercial Furniture?

Repair will work on them but you won’t be able to perform it when the damage is too big. If the furniture items are old enough, the most suitable way to prevent uncertainties is to order new ones. Just make sure that you select the right store to order them for your restaurant use.

Final Thoughts

Several businesses find trouble due to damaged tables and other furniture items. This can be a serious concern when they find issues during a rush hour. This is why it is always good to keep an extra pair aside to use them in case of an emergency. Coming to repairing the damaged products, it has already been explained above. If you are ready to work on your wooden commercial tables and chairs, you should not delay in approaching the same.

Feel free to take the burden on your shoulders as you can deal with the minor issues without any trouble. In case you are unable to find time, hand over the task to experts. Otherwise, the only solution is to look for a reliable store to order completely new items for your restaurant.

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The author is a talented craftsman with years of knowledge in shaping furniture items like wooden commercial tables. He recently started blogging to share his experiences.