Are Custom Hologram Stickers Available? Do Businesses Still Use Them?

Do you feel insecure at times? The world is changing so the protective measures regarding safety are also changing, and as an accelerating business, you should be highly proactive in maintaining your brand’s worth. If you will neglect the power of custom hologram stickers then you will suffer severe backlash from your valuable customers. So, in the hustle and bustle of this fast-paced world, you should consider each and every little detail regarding the product presentation and product display; therefore these stickers are introduced in order to protect your identity. In today’s discussion, we will cover each and every aspect of the unique stickers so that it may help in a better way to speed up our business. Lets head over to the discussion!

Hologram Stickers, A Query?

Custom 3d/2d hologram sticker is the printed label that is specified to maintain the security risks/attacks. These are basically printed with a hologram using a vinyl material that can be in different colors like silver and gold. Specifically detailed with your unique serial or random number, making it difficult to replicate for the third party. These stickers are of utmost importance as they can be used as seals on the packaging materials thus ensuring high end security technology. They provide a unique and compelling look to the products thus differentiating you from your fellow competitors. Moreover, these can be an ideal and effective tool for advertising your brands and products. 

Types of the Stickers

Here in this blog we shall go through the two major and different types of custom made hologram stickers that impart great benefit to your packaging. 

  1. QC Stickers

QC stands for quality control, and these kinds of labels have already passed the technical process of scanning. The use of this type of stickers enhqances the worth of your product and make it more distinctive among your fellow competitors. 

  1. QR Code Stickers

QR the acronym, stands for quick response barcode that readily works by scanning the code. And all the essential information is enclosed in this code thereby occupying minimum space with effective performance. Yes, this makes the custom stickers of more worth and importance.

The Designing Process of these Stickers

Custom holographic security stickers are designed in an innovative way for this different machinery is used that makes the desired stickers follow the delicate requirements. Following techniques are used in this process. Let’s discuss some of them in a brief form

  • Plate Making 
  • Printing
  • Laminating
  • Inkjet printing 
  • Die cutting 
  • Quality inspection
  • Waste removal

Why are Businesses Using These?

Running a business is a normal thing but maintaining the business is another thing that requires extensive planning. Companies use custom printed stickers for the purpose of security and these stickers help them to safeguard their products from counterfeits. The main advantage of using these unique stickers is that they have a specified serial number that will not easily replicate from the third party and your product will remain genuine side by side, maintaining your customers faith in your brand, too due to their proven reliability. These stickers are flourishing the businesses through excellent security measures.

In addition to all this, there are several reasons that make them an ideal choice for businesses and companies. Let’s discuss some of them in a bit of detail. Here we go!

  • Because of Extensive Protection

Wholesale sticker printing has the potential to provide ultimate protection to the products and highly prevent your products from being replicated or in any fraudulent case or things like. Due to their extensive protection they are the number one priority of the entrepreneurs.

  • Proven Authentication

If you are worried about the opening of products whether it be electronic or even banknotes, then the custom hologram stickers can play well over here. So, they authenticate your identity through technicalities and offer well protected security from fraudulent and other third parties.

  • Secured from Counterfeits

So, you want your product not to be replicated; that’s why you use these specialized stickers in order to configure the statement. You are no longer away from success because these stickers are magic; they provide you with a unique serial number or code that can not be duplicated easily therefore maintaining your brand’s credibility side by side and also protecting you from counterfiets.

  • Providing Versatility

The best thing about holo car stickers is that they offer great diversity and versatility in customization. Whether it’s be of colors, material, printing designs, and techniques, they are best in all aspects. As a business you need constant changes according to the trends, so these stickers will serve you the best.

Stand with Confidence!

In order to sound more proficient in the business domain you should prioritize the custom hologram stickers and go for their dynamic and remarkable features. This will help you accelerate sales and the trust of the intended audience.

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