best mobile app for reatilers

Retailers are productive in delivering out-of-the-box service experiences. Our Mobile App delivers a conventional platform for retailers and retailers to ease their administrative, service, and sales requirements. Retailers can directly register complaints or service requests on behalf of the customers. They directly upload the customer information and enable OEMs to assist on-time customer service. 

Retailer Administration 

Retailers can assess the daily performance of their Customer Service team through Best Mobile App for Retailers. They can develop and manage individual customer service, create user profiles, get OEM approvals for the same, and a lot more. 

Customer Service Focus 

With the help of the Best Mobile CRM App, retailers can register customer complaints and service requests for owned inventory. They can easily maintain their customers’ service issues, keep a tab of pending service calls, view closure details of calls, along with being in touch with their customers. 

Triennial Customer Registration 

The Retailer Mobile App is effectively helpful in registering a customer as well as submitting customer Information for a purchased product. Retailers can also legitimate demo or installation requests. They also get notifications for new schemes and product launches while assisting the retailers to cross or up-sell to their registered customers. 

Revolting Mobile Apps for the Retail Industry 

The mobile expansion has transformed the way retailers work together with their consumers. There is no call to depend on billboards and print advertisements when you can do it in a resourceful manner while using a mobile application. Along with this, Mobile Augmentation has brought a high-level impact on the buying habits of customers. They can now match prices, search for other service providers, track products, and explore other buyers’ reviews with a tap over their smartphones. 

The expansive world of retail mobility 

The mobile retail business is a new introduction to society nor did it grow afresh. With the introduction of it, the mobile app development business acquired immense attention from the end-users. Now, people can buy anything and everything of daily utility with few clicks over their smartphones. The smarter method of shopping not only adds to ease in buying and selling, but it also ensures the security of data. 

Features of Retailer Mobile App 

  • Built-in bar code scanning feature 
  • Complete Visibility of Customer Service 
  • Product information along with Service History 
  • Supports both English and Hindi Language 
  • Available for Download from the Google Play Store 

Benefits of the Best Mobile CRM App

  • Available round the clock 
  • Measuring the performance of the Customer Service team 
  • Cross-sell and upsell 
  • Enhance Customer Relationship 
  • OEMs can decrease call center costs 
  • Boost AMC registrations 

Provides seamless services to all customers 

  1. One of the whopping benefits that retailers have with mobile apps is that now they provide 24*7 services to their customers. 
  2. Customers need not worry about the time since they can plan an order of a product at any time and any day. This is one of the greatest benefits of mobile applications that enhance customer service for retailers with a considerable impact. 
  3. Furthermore, eCommerce organizations boost customer services while introducing new technological elements like virtual assistants and chatbots that make it easy for customers to buy products. 
  4. Competitiveness: Integration of technological advancements and mobility benefits can provide your retail business a competitive edge over peers. You can enhance customer service with a customized retail app. Ensure hiring retail app developers to meet the changing necessities and growing competition while integrating the desired features and functionality. 


One of the major challenges for any retailer is ensuring customer service. However, with mobile applications in place, you can easily provide services of quality to your customers. Retailers need to account for this change to track online or offline shopper mentality since anyone can become a key customer through the comfort of his/her smartphone. A knowledgeable and customer-friendly app is a great medium for retailers to entice a potential customer to be receptive to their brand message. 

So, the Best Mobile CRM App has become more and more necessary for diverse retail businesses. If you desire to keep your business relevant to upcoming trends and technologies, you must step up for a custom retail mobile application development solution. ServitiumCRM is a perfect option for retail mobile application development solutions. Mobile apps for retail businesses have the capability to greatly boost your customer base if used in the right manner.