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8 Effects of the Excessive Use of Electronics in Youth

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A survey conducted in the United States with 500 young people shows the level of dependence on digital devices. Virtually all of them carry electronic devices with them during the day, and 38% of them do not spend more than 10 minutes without checking any of them. For 73% of them, studying without some technology is impossible today.

Some advocate, the increasingly early use of devices such as computers, tablets, smart-phones, video games and other electronic paraphernalia for children, highlighting the fact that they help in the development of reasoning, some motor skills, problem-solving skills, socialization for the shy ones, etc.

You cannot deny some of the positive effects that these technologies provide. On the other hand, we cannot ignore that its indiscriminate use has very serious consequences, exceeding in number and intensity the positive ones, most of them related to the dependency situation.

According to the Journal of American Psychiatry, dependence on the Internet, games, emails or chat conversations can be considered a mental disorder as these lead to adverse effects. See, now, in more detail, what are the harmful effects of electronic devices on young people:

1. Aggression, irritability & Agitation:

Generally, young people experience these symptoms when they are prevented from using their devices.

2. Isolation

They do not relate in real life and begin to value virtual relationships, many of which will never leave this area. They will lose great opportunities to communicate, exchange experiences and have physical contact with family and friends, necessary for their social development.

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3. Elimination

It is common to see them flee from the stressful reality and compensate, in a fictional way, for these needs through the use, without limits, of electronic devices. Similarly, when they are elsewhere and have to perform a task that requires attention, they tend to lose focus easily.

4. Physical illnesses

In addition to psychological problems, young people are subject to related diseases:

  • When you gain weight, instead of moving or playing sports, you sit for hours or go to bed;
  • Low immunity, thanks to reduced sleep time;
  • Poor posture (which affects the spine, ligaments and tendons);
  • Bad vision
  • Strong emotions: tachycardia, gastritis Nervosa, among others.
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5. Masking of Serious Diseases

Depression, communication difficulties and socialization are some diseases that can be masked by the excessive use of technologies.

6. Irresponsibility and loss of Self-Control

Irresponsibility towards their obligations, such as not delivering a job on time, for example, they may be irresponsible in their actions, such as “outbursts” and exaggerated exposure, which often occur in social networks. Young people become irresponsible precisely because they lose self-control. They cannot disconnect; they cannot “sustain themselves” in their outburst; they become consumerist since they suffer the constant barrage of offers; among other things.

7. Reduction of intellectual exercise and the ability to reflect

Simply enter a query on a search site and find instant answers. They no longer need to read a complete book and reflect on what they have read. You don’t have to calculate mentally, the calculators do. They are becoming less and less creative. This directly impacts your academic achievements.

8. Loss of compassion and sensitivity

The lack of socialization makes young people colder. They can be more easily involved in bullying (as aggressors), they cannot be more shocked by violence (they are used to the games, and they need to kill); they see the world as something violent in nature.


What can parents do?

To prevent children from suffering these negative effects, parents of this digital age are recommended to supervise and manage the use of their children’s screen and make it productive with the use of parental supervision applications, such as Family Time. These applications allow parents to not only monitor what their children do with their digital devices but also allow them to hinder their use according to their preferences. Therefore, get the good parental application and save your children from all dangers, since this is also part of their function, help them to a happy upbringing.


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