custom packaging boxes

This is very important to put all branding and marketing techniques while designing custom boxes. But the design must be in a way that influences customers and express your brand’s identity and message. But how to design it? Ho to give a futuristic feel with a font? Well, there is no rocket science to provide an attractive look to your custom boxes with fonts or typography. You can use minimalist aesthetics, sans-serif, and unusual geometric shapes to make your box eye-catching and influence more customers.

In this blog, we have discussed 7 futuristic fonts that will help you to enhance your packaging boxes.

1. Blanka

Blanka is the first and most futuristic font that can be used on custom boxes to provide an aesthetic look to your boxes. This font was designed by Emmeran Richard who was a graphic designer. The unconventional aesthetic and minimalistic design looks so real and attractive. Using this font on your packaging boxes is a great way to attract more customers to your store. Blanka is free for commercial as well as for personal use.

2. Ailerons

Ailerons is a font style that is used on custom packaging boxes of all businesses. This font style was designed by Adelson Gonzales. This type of font style looks like a tall letterform that provides a distinctive and premium look to all customers. These long letterforms look so perfect and provide a distinctive feel to your products that look amazing. This typeface is free for personal use but you have to take the permission from artist to use this font style for commercial use.  

3. Elianto

Elianto is also an attractive typeface that is used on packaging boxes to provide a futuristic look. Elianto was designed by Emanuele Papale which looks like geometric shapes to create an attractive look. If we talk about the letters of this font, then the letter ‘A’ looks like a triangle, and the letter ‘O’ looks like an additional dot inside the letter. This unique font style includes no lines in the letters, it just looks straight or geometric. Elianto is free for both commercial and personal use.

4. Exan-3

Exan-3 is one of the most used fonts on packaging boxes from different companies to provide an attractive look to your custom packaging boxes. This font style is a monospaced font that provides a retro-yet-amazing look with the help of curved or straight lines. Furthermore, this font style also uses both angular and round corners to provide a distinctive look. With the help of this font, you can attract more customers and uplift the sales of your business. Furthermore, this monospaced design is an ideal choice for your packaging boxes that enhance the beauty of boxes and products.

5. Stellar

Stellar was designed by Mathieu Desjardins which is an attractive font style that looks so amazing. This is a minimalist font style as compared to other fonts. This font style provides an aesthetic look to your products and helps you to achieve your business targets by influencing more customers. As there is research that According to a survey, 72% of customers go for attractive packaging while making their purchase decisions. Stellar is a wonderfully designed font that is available in approximately 33 languages. Stellar is free for both personal and commercial use.


DUAL is an amazing font style that is used on premium packaging boxes to enhance a futuristic look. This font was designed by Charles Daoud and he was inspired by Proxima Nova, Gotham, and Neue Haas. The straight line of this font and 90-degree angles help you provide an amazing look to your custom packaging boxes. The full-width, geometric design and sans serif of this font look complex and minimalistic at the same time. DUAL font style comes with 10 stylistic sets, and 251 alternate glyphs that make it more flexible. This font style also provides language support such as you can use it for both North and South America. You can use the free version of DUAL-300 for both commercial and personal use. But if you want to use an updated version and enhanced features then you can buy the paid version which is started from $19.16.

7. Riviera

Riviera is also an amazing font that can be used on custom packaging boxes with different colors. This font style was designed by Johann Dacel that provides geometric properties and mixes organic curves. This font style is creatively detailed as compared to other fonts. The unique lines and heavy strokes of this font help you to create a blend of retro and sci-fi aesthetics. Riviera is also free for both commercial and personal use

Bottom Line

These all are unique and attractive font styles that can be used on custom-printed boxes to provide a futuristic feel to your customers. These font styles are good for attracting people to buy your products and play an important role in uplifting business growth. Many business owners ignore this strategy and are unable to attract their target audience. So, this is one of the most effective and affordable strategies you can use to influence your customer to your brand. So, the companies looking to provide a futuristic feel to their products, these fonts are perfect to accomplish their goals. These companies can also contact a reputable packaging manufacturer Emenac Packaging USA to apply these fonts on their packaging boxes.