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5 Tips to Improve Mobile SEO

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Having a website is not enough to hope to be more visible on the internet. It is necessary to develop an SEO strategy to acquire a reputation. Mobile SEO is a perfect illustration when we know that more than 65% of Internet users use their smart phones to visit websites. Google has created a tool, the Mobil First Index to highlight the need for mobile for your SEO strategy. Discover below, five useful tips to improve SEO mobile SEO.

1. Opt for AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page

One of the essential tips to improve your mobile SEO is to optimize the loading speed of your mobile website pages. This is a trick that also incorporates the requirements of the US giant Google. To do this, the AMP tool will be handy, and you will have more digestible HTML pages for mobile devices.

Also, AMP will surely enhance the user experience by also optimizing the quality and reliability of navigation on a mobile medium. Mobile sites that follow these guidelines are better referenced, which can boost your audience and improve your revenue.

2. Improve SEO Mobile SEO

Because media differ, it is essential to optimize SEO mobile SEO. You can use the Google Search Console to compare PC and mobile queries to determine relevant mobile keywords. Nearly 82% of mobile requests are made urgently, hence the need to optimize mobile keywords.

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3. Opt for local SEO

The SEO content of your website must adapt to the habits of mobile users. They use their mobile devices more for different queries. As a result, mobile searches are contextualized or geo-located. This means that you must favor local services if you want to position yourself on a request concerning, for example, your business and attach photos. Google indicates that 80% of mobile searches are focused on “near me” or “close to”.

4. Improve the Design and Ergonomics of the Mobile Site

One of the tips for successful SEO mobile SEO is the ergonomics of your website. Design and ergonomics must be adapted to different mobile media. This is why it is essential to favor a responsive design site so that images and other frames can be automatically displayed on the mobile screen depending on the different resolutions. 

5. Quality and Relevant Content

If it is appropriate to work on the mobile version of your site to boost the number of visits, it should not forget to provide quality content. Content is always king, and there is no question of trivializing it. You must publish content with well-selected keywords that respond to multiple requests from users.

By applying these few tips, you will certainly optimize your presence and visibility on the web, but also to have a powerful Mobile-Friendly website that will bring a better positioning to your different pages.


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