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5 Cooking Rules for a Successful Barbecue

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The beautiful days are here, and with them, the barbecue season has arrived. Meat, fish, vegetables, you can make many grilled recipes. But how can you cook successfully? Here are our best tips!

In summer, barbecue is king! The long summer evenings are conducive to the conviviality of shared grills. What could be easier? Do you tell me, however, there are a few rules to follow for your cooking to be ideal? We give you our best advice for a 100% successful barbecue! 

Clean and Oiled Plates

First of all, your barbecue grill must be clean, of course, for hygienic reasons, but also to prevent a residue of fat from your last grilling from burning during the start-up of it. Also, remember to oil your plate with a paper towel or a brush before placing your food. This will make it easier to return. Otherwise, you can also marinate them the day before, for even more flavors! 

Prepare Your Utensils Well

Remember to equip yourself well before placing your food on the grill. Once cooking has started, the barbecue will require your full attention and vigilance, so you cannot leave it unattended for very long. Pliers, pot holders, spatulas, make sure you have everything close at hand. In addition to bringing you a good organization, this will prevent you from getting burned in a rush or from missing your cooking. 

Start the Fire in Advance 

In the case of a traditional charcoal barbecue, it is essential to light the fire 45 minutes to 1 hour in advance. Why? Simply because it is time it takes to get enough glowing embers. It is indeed the embers who cook the food and especially not the flames which are content to burn them on the surface. 

Don’t Prick the Meat

So that it does not lose its juice and does not dry out, do not prick your meat (including sausages!) before putting it on the fire. And to keep it as tender as possible, try not to turn it too much (ideally only once, using pliers). For the greediest, opt for meat that has been marinated for long hours, it will be all the more creamy and tasty once cooked!

Barbecue meat

Adapt the Cooking to the Type of Food 

Regarding the cooking itself, it is essential to take into account the specifics of each type of product. In the heat, a rib of beef does not react in the same way as a sea bream. In all cases, the grill must be at least 10 cm from the hearth to avoid excessive charring. 

The red meat, such as beef, assumes healthy cooking and quick to fill the rare meat lovers. In these cases, provide enough embers, and a grid placed low enough.

For white meats such as chicken, turkey or rabbit, the cooking should be more diffuse to obtain meats cooked evenly on the surface as close to the bones. The fish – except perhaps tuna we eat pink – also prefer a grid placed relatively far from the embers of the home.

Bottom of Form

As for vegetables, because of their fragility, it is preferable to take care of them. It is also because they hold less heat than it is advisable not to mix vegetables and meat on the same skewer, but to cook them on separate peaks. On the other hand, certain foods that take a very long time to cook, such as potatoes or corn, benefit from being precooked in the water a few minutes before going on the grill.


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