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5 Best Attars For Women


The fragrance says a lot about personality that’s why you have to be careful in choosing the fragrance. And your fragrance is like your fashion choices. People make the remarkable image of any personality on the basis of fragrance. And on the fragrance base, people may like and dislike you. So here is the best guide to choosing the best fragrance for women on fragrance land.

Musk Al Mahal presents for their customers the best attars not only layers on multiple oils that you can use on your special occasions. Here are the 5 best attars that you can get at a special discount on muskalmahal.

5 Best Attars of Pakistan

Arab is famous for fragrances and now that it’s become the culture of the Arab, men, and women in Arab approach fragrance ritualistically. Some of them believe that fragrances attract angels and repel evil spirits. Therefore they prepared and made the best attars. Here are the top 5 best attars in Karachi with the best fragrance and a lot of other qualities.

Half Moon | Our Impression Of Cool Water W

If you want exotic, luxurious, attractive, and irresistible fragrance then that is the best choice. Half Moon By Al mushk Discover the sensuality of the sea. Half Moon is a floral scent with notes of paradise flower and juicy mangosteen. And that fragrance is suitable for your remarkable personality because this fragrance is for the bold and energetic personality.

Tabassum E Gul | Our Impression Of Tender Poison | Attar Oil

Tabassum e Gul By Al mushk is a feminine, floral scent and prominent and trusted of expertise in the production of authentic oud scents. That is perfect to wear for the whole day and a good thing that is not so expensive. Our experts made it with a different mixture of the fragrances like mandarin and galbanum, floral heart, orange blossom and freesia, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, and heliotrope.  This unique Tabassum e Gul can be used to calm your body and mind and could be used for positive vibes.

A Oudh Vanille | Premium Attars |

An oud Vanille by Al Mushk is a feminine fragrance. And men can also use this. Because the formulation is for both men and women. An oud Vanille by Al Mushk ‘s Top notes are Agarwood (Oud), Black Pepper, Saffron and Cardamom and the middle note is Floral Notes base notes are Madagascar Vanilla, Guaiac Wood and Sandalwood. And its fragrance will take you to another world. The awesome fragrance will make your day special and the prices are also not so high.

Wasila Tul Zahab | Premium Attars

Wasila Tul Zahab is a very alluring and attractive attar by Al Mushk for women and men. And that is the best representative of high-quality blended fragrances. As the top notes are apple, grapefruit, and mandarin orange, peach, pear, the middle notes are orchid, geranium rose, jasmine base notes are sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and musk. The fragrance is very strong, long-lasting. And that could be worn on special occasions like parties, anniversaries, social gatherings or festivals. That fragrance makes your personality more charming.

Sheening | Our Impression Of Gucci Guilty Absolute W

If you want to feel special, joy, feeling of energy and purity of mind and also happiness then this musk will give you a special feeling from inside because the top notes are Blackberry, Pink Pepper and Bergamot; the middle notes are Cypress, Bulgarian Rose, Woody Notes and Vetiver; the base notes are Indian Patchouli and Amber.


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